Most practical things for Marketing is communication.

The biggest mistake B2B Company does the mistake

Wasting money on

Television commercial – no one is watching or don’t give attention on that

Banner ads – no body clicks

Million is execution that is no making sense

Only making the report and analysis nothing else

What actual meaning of brand or marketing?

Only one practical thing most important in marketing and branding is communication, how you communicate to your users or your end customer you are communicating with. Apart from anything else are secondary things. We have to understand our end users behaviors and their emotion what they are looking for instead just providing the mass content as per our interest and no other one liking too. As well as we have be updated with platform like Google, LinkedIn, Twitter algorithm too.

What are the biggest mistakes B2B Companies have been doing as per my opinion or observation?

Television Commercial: They are investing lots of money on TV commercials that no giving attention and it is full of waste of money, because on that they don’t have any option to click and get connect with you people watch and forgot that ads.

As per one survey

60-second Television Ad Cost Estimates by Market 2019

City CPM (Adults 25-54)
Los Angeles $34.75
New York City $27.16
Cleveland $21.11
Detroit $18.36
Kansas City $14.36

Example: Indian TV commercial ads, while I was finding how much it cost? I found that. A Start Plus network channel does cost RS 6,640 per second, So if your ads is about to 30 sec also then it will cost you RS 1,99,200. What you think instead of that if you run ads on online like Instagram, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and others online channels does it make more sense or not, because on online atleast whoever saw our the changes of communicating with then is more higher than this Television  ads. Atleast our consumer has and option to communicate with us via clicking on our ads mean while where on TV ads you have to download or remember your ads and do research latter. So as per my opinion and marketing sense online ads making more sense for me because I love to communicate with my consumer and understand their nature and behavior’s so I can produce content according to them.

TV ads cost or pricing

Banner Ads: Second I found that they are wasting lot of money on banner ads that not making much sense. Here I have question to you, how many people are watching or seeing the banner even you see are you able to get in touch with them? Put your opinion on comment sections. Begin a marketing guys if we are not able to communicate with our end user that not going to make more senses to us.

Like that they doing million of execution that is no making sense that only used for making a report  and analysis nothing else.

One of example at I found that one ads banner of Qualcomm on Mumbai Airport arrival gate

Qualcomm banner ads

Now does it communicate with their end users and how many people giving attention on this banner ad. After that I do Google search and I found the pricing of this ads that blow my mind. If you go for that then it will cost you RS 42500 per unit. Man on that price if you do online ads then at least you can communicate with your users and vice versa.

Mumbai Airport banner Cost

I found so many big and reputed companies that are producing the mass content on their blogs social media for example you can Ericson blog and their linked, but they are not communicating with their end users or consumers. Even they are not care about any algorithm like what is LinkedIn, Twitter and other platform algorithm. They are producing the content but just only for their interest so does not make any sense.

So please stop writing the content based on your interest, ok I found this is interesting let’s just write and sit back. Before start writing do some analysis what is your end users and how they are behaving what are their mentality. Because human behavior and understanding your consumer is most important things as per marketing perspective.

B2B doing mistake on blogs

Now I have again questions to you guys , Does this content communicating with end users and follow algorithms, make in comment section.

They write content just based on their interest, Thinking that I am feeling this let’s write about and share it.

Television vs Newspaper vs Radio vs Online Advertising Cost

Source Best For
Local TV $5,000 per one million viewers
Local Radio $3,000 per one million listeners
Regional Newspaper Ads $693 to $40,855 for ?-page ad
Google Ads $2.69 per click
Facebook Ads $1.86 per click

Sources: SmallBizTrends, Skyworks Marketing

Why I don’t recommend Newspaper ads? One of the traditional B2B Marketing Strategies

In Newspaper ads, you can’t customize your ads based on any particular location but online digital advertising we can. For example, if I want to run ads on any specific location let say Koramangala, Bangalore, India then we can set location and customize our ad on digital ads but if you go with a Newspaper app then we don’t have the option to customize like that.

ROI: On newspaper ads, we can not calculate the exact ROI, but in Digital ads, we can. For example: If we do ads for our website or app or business we don’t have to track tools to find the exact result here we can only assume that that is virtual. But on Digital Ads we can our report on what investment we are what click or what communication with our customers and we can define our ROI on that report just in a few hour report collection and gathering.

Cost: Newspaper ads are more & more costly if you compare them than digital ads because there is less customization and digital ads are very less compare with news ads and customizable.

Average Age of Network Viewers

TV Station Average Age
Fox News Channel 55
USA Network 48
TBS 44
Telemundo 45
Discovery Channel 48
Discovery Channel 48
History Channel 51
Discovery Channel 48
CNN 55
AMC 51
Lifetime 50+
MLB 50
TNT 50+
Comedy Central 37

Source: National Media Spots

Conclusion: This is major thing i found that B2B marketing doing the mistake during their marketing plans. That i shorted out some of major and max investment adverting where spend lots of money without communicating with their end users apart form that their a million of marketing channel they are using and investing lots of money without making much sense. So mention in comment what you feel and on which others marketing channel max business are burning their money without getting anything apart form making an internal report and analysis.


What is B2B Marketing?

B2B marketing stands for Business to business marketing. Means any business happening between two business only no end user involved. For example: Suppose we build an app and doing Digital marketing for a mobile app development company and they provide app for other business is called B2B.

What is B2C?

B2C stands for business to customers. Means a business directly communicating with their direct consumers or customer. For example, Flipkart, swiggy, paytm etc. Here they all directly communicating with their end user or customer those are not doing business. Apart from that these has B2B also like Amazon has some web services live aws hosting etc that they do it on B2B.

What is b2b company example?

Every business from manufacturing to retails that required B2B business because they have some certain products or services to do and for that supply they required other business. Even every B2C business required some thing so sell like they might need some product and some services so that they automatically generate B2B business. One of best example is Automobile Manufacturing company.
An Automobile Manufacturing company required so many things to provide a product. Such as if some manufacturing company want to manufacture truck then it required parts like battery, tires, electric stuff, engine, body, seat and so many other essential part to provide a fully functionally vehicle. So here automatically generate B2B business.

What is B2B Application?

B2B (Business-to-Business) application means the two business exchange their services, product between businesses rather than business to customer.

IS Amazon is B2B or B2C?

Amazon doing business on both sector. they have Amazon business as well as Amazon that provide B2C. They have special features all Business supply and they already get into the b2b supply and business through Amazon Business application.

Is Facebook is B2B or B2C?

Facebook is in both business, For example if your are doing ads for your business page for target business such as selling development services etc they also for B2C even you don’t have business account then also you are able to ads and reach out to customers direct communicate with you end users or customer through FB ads.

What is the best B2B social Media platform?

As per our knowledge we recommend first LinkedIn and then Twitter and pinterest.

What should be focus for B2B Marketing?

Instead of go traditional marketing tradition that we used to follow for B2B where you really communicate with your end users you should go with that media channel where you can do max communication with your end users. For example instead of putting banner ads those are hardly saw by your end users you should target audience on LinkedIn where at-least you/business can communicate with your end users or other businesses.

How to produce content for B2B Marketing?

Do analysis of your consumer and best of their interest try to generate content with well research data so that your end user can understand what you want convey and how you want to communicate with them rather than just putting content based on your interest. Do some research like how LinkedIn and other social media algorithm works, How search engine algorithm works and based on that plan your content.