How to build website in 10 min

How to Build Online Business Website Less than 10 Minute?

Are you looking to start online business but not getting any idea? Or not have any prior programming knowledge or not have enough money to invest? Then this blog is for you, read step-by-step guide below (It will take 10 min max reading) and your business will come online with a brand new website.

First thing first what are thing you required before start reading this post.

You should have system with you and internet connection.

Now without any delay let’s get started.

Step 1: Decide your brand or business name once you decided then go to you any domain provider like Google domain, Godaddy, Big rocks as per your choice there are lot of domain provider on internet. For more domain provider just search on with phrase buy domain and you will get all result.

Godaddy Domain Search

What does domain provider do?

Domain provider basically provide you a domain name that contains your business name so in future you can build your online business with then they will charge yearly basis so you have to keep renew your domain or you can buy at once for long time.

Step 2: Choose Your Hosting

Get your hosting if you starting then I suggest go with any shared hosting where you get c-panel. For example you can check hostgatator, Godaddy, 20i, big rocks and many more is available. If you still don’t have that much budget then ping me I’ll provide just in RS 99/ Month hosting. Or if you want to free one then try blogger (Provided by Google I’ll explain in next content how you build website using blogger, but there you will get very less customization options, so I suggest you go with WordPress if you are looking for long run).

Now let’s start with building your website or online business with ease without having any knowledge of coding and technical.

Note: Here I am using Godaddy as domain provider and 20i and hosting provider. So if you have any other domain provider and hosting provider then feel free to ping me on our social media, click on chat on your right or shoot me a mail on or make a comment below and I’ll help you out.

Now I am assuming that you have got your domain name and hosting ready with you. So let’s go ahead and build your first online business or website with WordPress and 20i Hosting.

Step 3: Go to Godady login page and login to your account. To do Sign In follows below steps.

Just open, Once home page loaded then right top you will find Sign In link, Just click on Sing In link then you will go on sign in page.

Godaddy Home Page

Enter your Sign credential Username or Customer id (If you not remember then go and check your email and you will get your username and Customer id). Enter your password. Tap/Click on Sign In button.

Godaddy Home Sign In

Godaddy Home Sign In Details Page

Step 4: Once you click on Sign In button then it will redirect your product page by default in Godaddy if you are not redirected on product page then go to right-top user icon and click on drop-down and you will see My Products tab, Just click on it. Or just open you will redirect on your domain or product page. For your reference check below image.

Godaddy product page

Once it open then click on DNS button on corresponding domain for your reference check below image.

Godaddy domain dns

Step 4: Once you click on DNS button then it will redirect / open DNS management page. First click on A Class IP and change it your IP address. And then go down and hit save button.

How to Find IP address on your server.

Go to your hosting provider and login to your account and go to your account and you will find your IP.

Now here I am showing on 20i hosting, how you will find it.

First Login to your 20i account and click on manage hosting and click on add hosting. Once you click on that then you will get option to enter your domain, Just enter your enter your domain name (all in running letter) and then “select Package Type” here I am selecting Linux OS then click on Create Hosting Package button.

Go back to your manager hosting and click on your website and then go down and right side your will get your IP and DNS (Domain Name Servers) details for reference you can see above videos.

Now come back to Godaddy and then go down and you will see Nameservers click on change button and choose custom and enter your DNS (Domain Nameservers details) and hit Save button.

And wait for 2-5 minute to get propagate. Now go back to your hosting and choose your domain and click on mange for reference check below image.

Now scroll down and go to One-Click Installs and you will see WordPress Icon over there. Just click on WordPress once you click it will open Install WordPress page. Now click on Install WordPress Button.

Wait for 2-5 minute and then open you domain name in new tab once you open your domain by default it will show WordPress installation page. Choose your language and then hit the continue button.

Once you click on this then it will ask some details enter your details.

First: Site Title: Enter your Business Name as your Site title

Second: Enter your user name ex: admin or yourname

Third: Enter your strong password and save it, if it will show week password then click on confirm use of week password check box.

Fourth: Enter your working email I suggest you enter same email that you use for domain and hosting registration so it will easy to remember for future use, In case you forget password.

Fifth: Search Engine Visibility leave as it is.

Now click on Install WordPress button

Once you click then it will redirect to your WordPress success page.

Cheers! Your website is live now. Just now type your website name on new tab and a new WordPress website live now. Now you can start posting your services and content and design as per your requirements. To do that you have to login to your WordPress backend or admin dashboard. To do login to your admin dashboard follow below steps.

Go and type

Now click on Log In button, once you click on that button then it will open WordPress Log In page, Now enter your user name and password that you just enter while Installing WordPress and click on Log In button.

Once you click on Log In button your will see your WordPress backend now you can start customize your website.

Now we have question how to customize and design a professional page in WordPress?

This very easy, there a lot of WordPress page builder available for free so you can use that plugin and you can build your professional website pages. Here i am using Elementor WordPress Page Builder?to build a professional pages.

Note: No need to go for pro version initially you can try with free version only and you can design your own. Once you start making some revenue then go for pro version.

Here i am using free version of Elementor plugin to build this page.

Now you check below video regarding Page builder and installation.

How to Install Elementor WordPress Page Builder?


Why we Need a Website?

Today era of business online is most important to start your business or you have to online presence of your business online so people able to find details about your business or brand and contact your through their mobile, email or social media.

How much does it cost to start?

If you are from India and booking .in or extension domain with Godaddy then domain will cost you around RS 149 – RS 449 for one years. And for hosting it depends what hosting you are buying. If you buying for one domain then it will start form RS 200 – RS 500 per month for shared one with c-panel access. If you are still confused then ping me i’ll provide you 20i shared hosting just at RS 99 per month. Or you can check our start up bundle at:

Does we got business Email with this?

It’s depends on your hosting and domain provider, some of domain provider provide you business email free if you purchase hosting from them if you buy hosting form other hosting provider then you have to check before buying weather they are providing the business email configuration or not? Here i used 20i so they provide in-build stack mail for business email and it is easy to configure and use it.

Does SSL come with this?

With domain it does not come. It came with your hosting provider, now these days max of hosting provider provide free SSL for you. Here i am using 20i so they provide one click SSL installation and it’s free. for details watch below video clip.

What is WordPress and Why WordPress?

WordPress is CMS (content management system) and it is free to use. It is one of most popular CMS and most used over the internet. IT is very easy to manage and their are lots of free plugin that provide you the grate feature to build your professional website without having any programming knowledge. It has huge community over the internet so if any issue came then you can easily find out their solution online and get resolve. It is very easy to handle, in WordPress only you have click, upload and drag and drop option and you able to build your website. For more details you can check out their official site at

What is Elementor and why Elementor?

It is WordPress page builder plugin that allow you to build awesome professional pages for your business without any coding/programming knowledge. It is easy to use and it has free template so you can just install and use while changing image and content as per your need. If you want to build your own then you can use their element and build it. To build it you just have to drag and drop the element form left to your page body and it ready. more details just watch above video how to install Elementor and how to use it.

Does we start E-Commerce with WordPress?

Yes you can start. There is plugin called woocommerce it allows to build an E-Commerce website with WordPress in just one installation and a small setup with all feature like order taking, tracking, user sign in and sign up etc. I’ll publish very soon a video on How to Install woocommerce on WordPress within 10 min and start your business online with ease in nest tutorial.


Here i provide you a video and content regarding, how to build our online business website within 10 min with Godaddy domain provider, 20i hosting provide, and WordPress CMS with a professional page building with Elementor Page builder plugin. Here i also show how to install SSL on our website with business email setup. So basically we build our online business just in 10 minute.

Still you have an query then let me know in comment section and i’ll help you or shoot a mail to me at

Or you can contact me on our social signal at: