Case Studies

Helping an AV integrator to reach the next sales plateau by taking its business development capabilities to the next level


After 25+ years in the industry, and with a staff of 50+ project managers and technicians, ABC Co. had established one of the largest audio visual technology presences in New England. Through its comprehensive knowledge, experience and technical capabilities, it had become the region’s premier full-service resource for AV design, installation and service — able to develop, integrate and support systems of any size or complexity.

Until recently, ABC Co. also maintained a steady growth rate. It offered customers tangible value, while providing employees with a stable and diverse work environment and continued industry training. This focus on building lasting internal and external relationships has served as a key business driver for years, yielding consistent results.


Breaking a persistent cycle of revenue stagnation.

In the face of an evolving industry, new competitors, changing technology, and tight economic conditions, ABC Co. could not break through the $35 million annual sales plateau spanning the past several years. This stagnation was largely due to the inability to identify, develop, and convert new business opportunities. Outside the company’s circle of clients, no one knew about their industry-leading capabilities.

Clearly, ABC Co. needed to make marketing and business development a more prominent part of its overall strategy. However, there was no plan in place to differentiate itself in the market, increase awareness, and develop new business. In addition, the company had no in-house marketing resources. Its overburdened leadership team, taxed by existing responsibilities, found it difficult to initiate and implement marketing solutions. This included a vice president of sales who lacked the bandwidth, marketing experience and internal resources to elevate the company to the next level.

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