Hi all. Today I am talking about Digital Marketing Strategies for all startup mates or who want to start online career. I called this method or Strategies is Daily Pocket Money Digital Marketing Strategies.

What is this?

This is a simple way to start your online business and make yourself a brand with your daily pocket money budgets. Here I am going to talk about some facts and how to start with your daily pocket money with existing platforms. So are you ready to do? Then let’s start and keep 30 min with you to finish this. I write this post because I got the message on Facebook Page ( https://www.facebook.com/digitalmarketingedge/ ) How should I start my online business with less money or without money.

First of all, do you have your website, Social Media Accounts, Outlook Account, and Google Account? If yes then ok else go and create all accounts first.

First Start with build your own website. If you would like to build your website and don’t have the budget then you may check our startup bundle at http://www.newvictoriahotel-ksm.com/start-up-bundle/ here or still not convene then Go to WordPress.com, Blogger, Wix or any others web 2.0 and create a free website with their subdomain free of cost. Put your content over there and make it live with your contact details and how you going to help them out with your knowledge.

If you are new and want to build a website yourself then you can check our blog on how I used to build a website within 10 min Here for this you required your own domain and hosting. But if you would you like to build free on then you can check out How to Build WordPress free website here https://ganvwale.com/signup-wordpress-com-and-create-free-website/ Or you still getting an issue or want to build on Blogger then you can check out how to build a blog on blogger Here

You can do Google and check it out and build your blog or make a comment below and I will respond.

Second: Now go to all Social Media Platforms. I am Mentioning below some important social media that I am going to cover it.

Facebook: Go to Facebook.com and hit sing in or if you are new then hit sign up and create an account. Once you create an account then just right corner you will find the option or click on this link https://www.facebook.com/pages/creation/?ref_type=pages_you_admin after login to your account or you can do the Google there is a lot of article on that.

How to Create a Facebook Page

Instagram: Now Create an Instagram Account: Download the Instagram app from the Google Play Store or iOS play store and just sign up with your details. Once you did then convert your account into a business account. To do this you have to go to setting and then convert your account into a business.

Convert your Instagram account into a Business account.

Or you can follow their official site documentation here https://help.instagram.com/502981923235522

YouTube: Now You have to create a Gmail account if you don’t have. Once you created then just go to YouTube and click on sign-in button on YouTube and sign with your Gmail. Once you sign in then click on the account button. Once you signed in and click on top-right account option then you will see the option like your channel.

Create a YouTube channel

Or you can follow this article here https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/1646861?hl=en or just copy-paste this link www.youtube.com/create_channel and sign in with your Gmail account and start uploading your videos.

LinkedIn: How to create your LinkedIn account and a company page?

Now Create Your LinkedIn account and create your business page. To do so just got to LinkedIn and create your account with your personal details. once you create your account then login to your account and then you will able to find an option on top right menu called work just click on that and at the bottom you will able to see the Create a Company page option.

Linkedin company page creation
How to create a LinkedIn company page

Twitter: Now go to twitter.com or download twitter app from play store and create your account with your personal or business name as you want. If you want to build your personal brand then create with personal else create with your business details.

Outlook Account: Go to https://outlook.live.com/owa/ and create your account.

Bing Ads: Now let’s create some paid advertising account. Now first Go to bing ads https://ads.microsoft.com/ and sign in with your account details and set up your bing ads account with your details.

Google Ads: Now go to Google ads https://ads.google.com/intl/en_in/home/ and setup your account with your details. This means you can use same Gmail account that used for creating your YouTube account. Now setup your account with the details. Enter your business details, select your location, currency, and billing system.

Now, how you start Digital Marketing advertising on your daily pocket money?

Here we go, First, start posting some posts on your all social media account and upload some informational video on YouTube and other social platforms.

Note: Keep updating regular posts on all social media and YouTube videos to get engaged with your customers.

Daily Pocket Money Digital Marketing Strategies to build a brand:

Now Bing Ads: How you going to generate users from bing ads. I choose this first because this is less expensive compared to anyone else and if you manage then you will get a response that I got in the trail.

Now got to https://ads.microsoft.com/ and login with your outlook credential and set up your campaign with your keywords and set your target location wisely, I suggest you set first with your nearby location and put your daily budget max RS 100/50 or $5 only that will max. And optimize your landing page title and description as per your keywords that help you to get a good quality score and it will get the best CPC and high ranking and you will win the bid auction. Here you can see last day ads click of my account.

Bing ads click
Bing Ads click

Here you can see I got 74 clicks just in RS 102.72. But you need to optimize and have to good keyword score like this.

Bing ads quality score
How to improve bing ads Quality Score

Let be Run for one day to setup your daily budget as per your pocket money only then pause your ads.

Now Google Ads: Go to your Google ads account and sign in with your details that you used to setup your account. Initial I don’t suggest you go with search and lead generation ads. Because Google ads are more costly. for example, you can see that

Google Search Ads Click Rate
Google Search Ads Click Rate

Here you can I am getting the cost of RS 52. But it depends on the keywords. So I suggest you go with brand awareness and YouTube ads First.

Create Google Video Ads
Create Google Video Ads

Now, set up your daily budget as your pocket money do you have. and select your YouTube video that descried your proper services or products.

Create Your Video ads
How to Create Google Video ads

Let be Run for one day to setup your daily budget as per your pocket money only then pause your ads.

Now Facebook Ads: Go to your Facebook page and left side bottom you will find the Ads Center and Promote button.

Facebook Promote Button
Facebook Promote Button

Now click on that and it will open your promote options. How would you like to promote? I suggest you don’t go with lead generation first it will cost you more and conversion will less because initial you don’t have many posts and brand awareness.

Facebook Ads options
Facebook Ads options

I suggest you go with Boost your page initial for the first month along with boosting a post or if you are selling goods then you may go with promote you shop now button but I don’t suggest you initially if you are new or your Facebook page is new. First, build your brand awareness. Make sure to try with your local geo-target location first. Here you set your daily pocket money budgets only. And let it run the ads for one day and then pause the ads.

Note: Make Sure you keep updating your daily content on the Facebook page. Else if you don’t have daily updates on your page then it not going to make more sense and you will not get any better results.

Instagram: Now same way go to your Instagram account and then go to your profile and you will see one button named Promotions. Then you will see the option Active and Inactive then one option you will see Promote your first post. And bottom you will a button Name as Create Promotion. Just click on that and select your post. and create your ads. Then you will get the 3 option first promote your profile, Your website, and Your Storefront. This is the one way but the better way to do this is through Facebook Ads Center. So if you have an idea then go to the Facebook page and make sure your Instagram and Facebook page linked together. Or just Google it or YouTube it how to set up ads on Instagram and you will get tons of videos.

I suggest to choose your Profile or you can select your website. If you select a website then you will see a lot of options. Select learn more then click on next then you will get the option to select Target Audience. Here I suggest you start with local or manual else automatic will cost you more. Set up your location. Now you will get the option to setup an audience. Setup your age group you want to target, budget and duration and create your ads.

And let it be run for one day as per your daily pocket money and then pause.

LinkedIn: Now the same way go to your LinkedIn account and then go to your company page and then click on Admin Tools and you will see the option that Sponsors your Updates. Just click on that and it will open the LinkedIn ads center. then click on create ads then set up your ads with your LinkedIn company URL and set up your demographics and set up your daily budget the same as you set up for others and let it be run for one day. It is more costly than others so you may skip this and do the Twitter ads.

You can see it was recommended to me $4.26 per click. And it was Last Year ad cost.

LinkedIn ads Cost
LinkedIn ads Cost

Twitter: Same way to go on Twitter and create and ads do YouTube and Google how to create Ads on Twitter. Set your target audience local demographics first. Don’t be in hurry else you will burn your money. Especially if you are starting. Set your location local and age group. And set your daily budget and duration as per your daily pocket cost. Now let it be run for a day.

Twitter Ads
Twitter Ads options

I suggest you to to run initial ads on Awareness, Followers, and Tweet engagements then you go based on your requirements. Like website visits, App installs, and others.

Now you can keep running daily basis your ads one-by-one on a daily basis on each platform for one month on alternate days. Now go to report and see on which platform you are getting more engagement with your users and where you are getting less. Then optimize that. And you can leave that platform for the time begin and focus on that platform where you getting more interaction with your users. Just do it for 2 months and you will see the difference with your user database.

Note: This will only work when you keep updating your all social media platform with daily updates and your knowledge. And don’t try to put sales things initial try to put more informative data that will help users. And let your users try themselves first. If initial itself you start posting like buy this or take a service then you will not get user database and more interaction and you will lose.

Apart From that, you can keep the focus on some these factors that will help you out to build a brand too:

Podcast: When you make a video then try to convert that video into mp3 format and upload on a free podcast like Soundcloud. And keep sharing on your social media.

Website content: Keep updating your website with good and valuable content. And try to convert that big content to a small piece of content like video infographics and documentation and share on all platforms.

This is a very small and short point to get started but you follow this for 2-3 months you will get sure some better results. There are more ways to do digital marketing and it will keep updating on the basis of coming technologies. I hope this might help you out to get start your online business with your daily pocket money expense. If you have any suggestion and queries then make a comment or write a mail to info@www.newvictoriahotel-ksm.com

Or you can text me on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/digitalmarketingedge/