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Hi all. Today I am talking about Digital Marketing Strategies for all startup mates or who want to start online career. I called this method or Strategies is Daily Pocket Money Digital Marketing Strategies.

What is this?

This is a simple way to start your online business and make yourself a brand with your daily pocket money budgets. Here I am going to talk about some facts and how to start with your daily pocket money with existing platforms. So are you ready to do? Then let’s start and keep 30 min with you to finish this. I write this post because I got the message on Facebook Page ( ) How should I start my online business with less money or without money.

First of all, do you have your website, Social Media Accounts, Outlook Account, and Google Account? If yes then ok else go and create all accounts first.

First Start with build your own website. If you would like to build your website and don’t have the budget then you may check our startup bundle at here or still not convene then Go to, Blogger, Wix or any others web 2.0 and create a free website with their subdomain free of cost. Put your content over there and make it live with your contact details and how you going to help them out with your knowledge.

If you are new and want to build a website yourself then you can check our blog on how I used to build a website within 10 min Here for this you required your own domain and hosting. But if you would you like to build free on then you can check out How to Build WordPress free website here Or you still getting an issue or want to build on Blogger then you can check out how to build a blog on blogger Here

You can do Google and check it out and build your blog or make a comment below and I will respond.

Second: Now go to all Social Media Platforms. I am Mentioning below some important social media that I am going to cover it.

Facebook: Go to and hit sing in or if you are new then hit sign up and create an account. Once you create an account then just right corner you will find the option or click on this link after login to your account or you can do the Google there is a lot of article on that.

How to Create a Facebook Page

Instagram: Now Create an Instagram Account: Download the Instagram app from the Google Play Store or iOS play store and just sign up with your details. Once you did then convert your account into a business account. To do this you have to go to setting and then convert your account into a business.

Convert your Instagram account into a Business account.

Or you can follow their official site documentation here

YouTube: Now You have to create a Gmail account if you don’t have. Once you created then just go to YouTube and click on sign-in button on YouTube and sign with your Gmail. Once you sign in then click on the account button. Once you signed in and click on top-right account option then you will see the option like your channel.

Create a YouTube channel

Or you can follow this article here or just copy-paste this link and sign in with your Gmail account and start uploading your videos.

LinkedIn: How to create your LinkedIn account and a company page?

Now Create Your LinkedIn account and create your business page. To do so just got to LinkedIn and create your account with your personal details. once you create your account then login to your account and then you will able to find an option on top right menu called work just click on that and at the bottom you will able to see the Create a Company page option.

Linkedin company page creation
How to create a LinkedIn company page

Twitter: Now go to or download twitter app from play store and create your account with your personal or business name as you want. If you want to build your personal brand then create with personal else create with your business details.

Outlook Account: Go to and create your account.

Bing Ads: Now let’s create some paid advertising account. Now first Go to bing ads and sign in with your account details and set up your bing ads account with your details.

Google Ads: Now go to Google ads and setup your account with your details. This means you can use same Gmail account that used for creating your YouTube account. Now setup your account with the details. Enter your business details, select your location, currency, and billing system.

Now, how you start Digital Marketing advertising on your daily pocket money?

Here we go, First, start posting some posts on your all social media account and upload some informational video on YouTube and other social platforms.

Note: Keep updating regular posts on all social media and YouTube videos to get engaged with your customers.

Daily Pocket Money Digital Marketing Strategies to build a brand:

Now Bing Ads: How you going to generate users from bing ads. I choose this first because this is less expensive compared to anyone else and if you manage then you will get a response that I got in the trail.

Now got to and login with your outlook credential and set up your campaign with your keywords and set your target location wisely, I suggest you set first with your nearby location and put your daily budget max RS 100/50 or $5 only that will max. And optimize your landing page title and description as per your keywords that help you to get a good quality score and it will get the best CPC and high ranking and you will win the bid auction. Here you can see last day ads click of my account.

Bing ads click
Bing Ads click

Here you can see I got 74 clicks just in RS 102.72. But you need to optimize and have to good keyword score like this.

Bing ads quality score
How to improve bing ads Quality Score

Let be Run for one day to setup your daily budget as per your pocket money only then pause your ads.

Now Google Ads: Go to your Google ads account and sign in with your details that you used to setup your account. Initial I don’t suggest you go with search and lead generation ads. Because Google ads are more costly. for example, you can see that

Google Search Ads Click Rate
Google Search Ads Click Rate

Here you can I am getting the cost of RS 52. But it depends on the keywords. So I suggest you go with brand awareness and YouTube ads First.

Create Google Video Ads
Create Google Video Ads

Now, set up your daily budget as your pocket money do you have. and select your YouTube video that descried your proper services or products.

Create Your Video ads
How to Create Google Video ads

Let be Run for one day to setup your daily budget as per your pocket money only then pause your ads.

Now Facebook Ads: Go to your Facebook page and left side bottom you will find the Ads Center and Promote button.

Facebook Promote Button
Facebook Promote Button

Now click on that and it will open your promote options. How would you like to promote? I suggest you don’t go with lead generation first it will cost you more and conversion will less because initial you don’t have many posts and brand awareness.

Facebook Ads options
Facebook Ads options

I suggest you go with Boost your page initial for the first month along with boosting a post or if you are selling goods then you may go with promote you shop now button but I don’t suggest you initially if you are new or your Facebook page is new. First, build your brand awareness. Make sure to try with your local geo-target location first. Here you set your daily pocket money budgets only. And let it run the ads for one day and then pause the ads.

Note: Make Sure you keep updating your daily content on the Facebook page. Else if you don’t have daily updates on your page then it not going to make more sense and you will not get any better results.

Instagram: Now same way go to your Instagram account and then go to your profile and you will see one button named Promotions. Then you will see the option Active and Inactive then one option you will see Promote your first post. And bottom you will a button Name as Create Promotion. Just click on that and select your post. and create your ads. Then you will get the 3 option first promote your profile, Your website, and Your Storefront. This is the one way but the better way to do this is through Facebook Ads Center. So if you have an idea then go to the Facebook page and make sure your Instagram and Facebook page linked together. Or just Google it or YouTube it how to set up ads on Instagram and you will get tons of videos.

I suggest to choose your Profile or you can select your website. If you select a website then you will see a lot of options. Select learn more then click on next then you will get the option to select Target Audience. Here I suggest you start with local or manual else automatic will cost you more. Set up your location. Now you will get the option to setup an audience. Setup your age group you want to target, budget and duration and create your ads.

And let it be run for one day as per your daily pocket money and then pause.

LinkedIn: Now the same way go to your LinkedIn account and then go to your company page and then click on Admin Tools and you will see the option that Sponsors your Updates. Just click on that and it will open the LinkedIn ads center. then click on create ads then set up your ads with your LinkedIn company URL and set up your demographics and set up your daily budget the same as you set up for others and let it be run for one day. It is more costly than others so you may skip this and do the Twitter ads.

You can see it was recommended to me $4.26 per click. And it was Last Year ad cost.

LinkedIn ads Cost
LinkedIn ads Cost

Twitter: Same way to go on Twitter and create and ads do YouTube and Google how to create Ads on Twitter. Set your target audience local demographics first. Don’t be in hurry else you will burn your money. Especially if you are starting. Set your location local and age group. And set your daily budget and duration as per your daily pocket cost. Now let it be run for a day.

Twitter Ads
Twitter Ads options

I suggest you to to run initial ads on Awareness, Followers, and Tweet engagements then you go based on your requirements. Like website visits, App installs, and others.

Now you can keep running daily basis your ads one-by-one on a daily basis on each platform for one month on alternate days. Now go to report and see on which platform you are getting more engagement with your users and where you are getting less. Then optimize that. And you can leave that platform for the time begin and focus on that platform where you getting more interaction with your users. Just do it for 2 months and you will see the difference with your user database.

Note: This will only work when you keep updating your all social media platform with daily updates and your knowledge. And don’t try to put sales things initial try to put more informative data that will help users. And let your users try themselves first. If initial itself you start posting like buy this or take a service then you will not get user database and more interaction and you will lose.

Apart From that, you can keep the focus on some these factors that will help you out to build a brand too:

Podcast: When you make a video then try to convert that video into mp3 format and upload on a free podcast like Soundcloud. And keep sharing on your social media.

Website content: Keep updating your website with good and valuable content. And try to convert that big content to a small piece of content like video infographics and documentation and share on all platforms.

This is a very small and short point to get started but you follow this for 2-3 months you will get sure some better results. There are more ways to do digital marketing and it will keep updating on the basis of coming technologies. I hope this might help you out to get start your online business with your daily pocket money expense. If you have any suggestion and queries then make a comment or write a mail to

Or you can text me on Facebook @

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SEO 2012 to 2019 Wed, 18 Sep 2019 11:04:19 +0000 All SEO guys out there, Let Go back years back like in 2012-13 and compare today 2019 SEO strategies. At that, we used to SEO it is not that difficult and itRead More...

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All SEO guys out there, Let Go back years back like in 2012-13 and compare today 2019 SEO strategies.

At that, we used to SEO it is not that difficult and it quite easy to rank compare to 2019. Nine backlink methods that change their method and overviews but still same worth it for SEO.

At a time when I started SEO, I used to do all kind of link submission, (not a spam-like adult) and all so people used to tell this are not niche relevant you have to do niche relevant to rank for a long time.

Some of the example I am mentioning here on which I used to get comment mate don’t build such kind of link it will harm your ranking.

First Link on which I get max feedback is:

MP3 submission: In 2012 we use to call mp3 or audio submission and now in 2019 it is called podcast. And if you can check all latest post those sharing the content on SEO or brand theirs put more weight on podcast an video.

Second Link on which I get max feedback is:
Video Submission: At that time people say don’t use video submission it is not relevant we’ll penalty, Now in 2019 Video submission is the most important part of SEO and brand. Example YouTube and Vimeo, Dailymotion and there are a lot.

Third Link on which I get feedback is:

Doc/Document Submission: People used to say don’t use it is not worth it and Google not give importance and it is very hard to make niche relevance. But in 2019 it comes to a huge brand awareness things. If want to make brand and get user attention you have a nice ppt or pdf and you have present on publically and we are using now Slideshare, issue and many more.

Fourth Links building on which I get max feedback is:
QA Links: in 2012-13 people used to say Question and Answer (QA) is highly spam links we should not build. But in 2019 quora, yahoo answer if you don’t have an account it not make brand awareness and it also helps in SEO.

Fifth Link building:
Image Submission: This is most controversial for me. But in 2019 if you don’t have an account on Instagram, Flikr, Snapchat, pinterest and you are not going to win.

Latter is divided into two part one is infographics and one image.

Six Link building:

Social Booking: we have to very selective with Social Bookmarking and social profile, but in 2019 if you don’t have a social profile and booking with engagement then you are going to lose your brand as well as SEO because Google keeps all factors to rank your sites.

Seven Link Building:
Profile Links: 2012-13 profile link building is good way to get a backlink but latter people start telling that is is not working, But if you have your own website or company brand profile on other profile like GitHub, 500px,, behance, dribbble, product hunt,mix, and there are millions, so what you think that not make any profit.

Eight Link Building:
Link Exchange: 2012-13 it is easy to do but the latter 2014 people used to link exchange will not work and your website will get a penalty. So for that what is blogger reachement people used to say reach to your niche blogger.

Nine Link Building:
PBN Link building: 2013-14 it was working fine then in 2015 suddenly update come that PBN no longer work. So what is paid link, press release? Do people not paying news site to share their story to their website, Still, people doing and that more powerful and working 100%.

There are lot of link building method out there, but I mention here a few to know, Still, old SEO strategies work but in 2019 their name got changes, So if you build Good quality of content link with old theory itself and update your database as per 2019 platform available then you can still win SEO.

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Why brand is required? Wed, 04 Sep 2019 17:50:56 +0000 Today we talk about why the brand is required? We are a digital marketing agency and we are handling Digital marketing company and we support small business but in recent one month,Read More...

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Today we talk about why the brand is required? We are a digital marketing agency and we are handling Digital marketing company and we support small business but in recent one month, we faced a lot of problem with Google Ads accounts. And we have 4 accounts got suspended in Google Ads. And all are newly started business and account set up. Max who saw Google ads somewhere, Start your business with Google.

The first account I am going to talk about:

Business Niche: Authorized Mobile Service Provider, They are listed on Official website under support team.

Local mobile repair services, We are running fine with the business till July but in Aug it went under review and got suspended and when we called Google Ads team they told us we don’t support unknown mobile services ads, until unless you don’t have authorization from the company. So we provide the company authorization too even we show on the company website where we are listed as an authorized service provider of the company. Once we provide also then clearly told us sorry sir even you provide we don’t support the promotion of mobile services. And they disapproved the ads and old account they suspended but the letter they re-initiate old adwords account but they are not approving ads.

Note: We almost waste our time of more than 10 days while keep talking with Google AdWords support team to get rid out these things and how to fix it.

The Second case:
Business niche: Authorized Franchise Business Dealer, Listed on Official Website as well as with all Documentation.

We were running franchise campaign it was running fine but again it went under review and suspended, again we called and we got the same answer from Google Ads support team, Sorry sir we don’t support to run these kinds of business, even you have all the documentation with you.

The third Case:
Business Niche: Solar System Installation Service Provider.

We set up with USA customer and they send access to our account to manage AdWords and initial it was running fine and once again it went under review and it got suspended the reason was an unauthorized payment. Again we called Google Ads guys they told us, sorry sir we can’t give any information about this. We told why unauthorized transaction issue, Even our client called they did not provide any information to them also after providing every detail like address proof and billing details proof.

The Fourth Case:
Business Niche: Driving Learning School and Consulting Provider

Now we set up a new Google Ads account for Sweden guys from my location, Because that guy doesn’t have any idea about how to set up, So they told us and provide all credential to log in to their Gmail and do the setup. Once we did it went under review, Again after 3 days we called they told us you setup from Indian IP and transaction happen with Sweden that’s why it when under review, So kindly wait. Now after one day we got a message your account got your account has been suspended, unauthorized payment deducted. We talk with Google support team they told that you can set up from your IP and grand access yourself. If you want to do that then you have to sign up with different IP and form their your grant your access and then do it. So if someone doesn’t know about how to do set up what you going to do it.

Still, we have running our other account that we build the first brand and they start putting some money on paid marketing with all that account there is no issue at tall. It running smoothly with good conversions.

We don’t have control on Google policy they keep changing and it’s their platform they will whatever they want and we can’t do anything on that.

Why I am writing this, my conclusion was, We never know when any third-party platform will change heir rule or privacy policy and your business will not able to full their condition, So till then you are able to full fill their requirement just start building your brand so people direct remember your brand and find out with your brand. If you are not focusing on build this thing then you will lose business in the future. For example supposes you have been depending on Google Ads and not making the brand of your business what will happen if Google Ads stop running your ads, you have to shut down your business. So stop only focusing on paid marketing or Google ads (as I am getting a lot of request on a daily basis for Google Ads) even they started website one month before and one day before, They told I want to sell, And if I told ok why not you just focus on build some brand first before starting your ads. They told us no just we want to run Google ads. So just set up our ads and do keyword research and optimize it. Even we did they are getting max sell because even through ads if people come to your website they check your website and brand presence online first before buy or taking any services to form you.

So first start focusing on providing as much as information you are able to provide about your services or products and build some social media and online presence so people know about your business and try to run ads. And initial stop burning money on Google Ads on all.

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B2B Marketing Mistakes Fri, 02 Aug 2019 18:12:35 +0000 Most practical things for Marketing is communication. The biggest mistake B2B Company does the mistake Wasting money on Television commercial – no one is watching or don’t give attention on that BannerRead More...

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Most practical things for Marketing is communication.

The biggest mistake B2B Company does the mistake

Wasting money on

Television commercial – no one is watching or don’t give attention on that

Banner ads – no body clicks

Million is execution that is no making sense

Only making the report and analysis nothing else

What actual meaning of brand or marketing?

Only one practical thing most important in marketing and branding is communication, how you communicate to your users or your end customer you are communicating with. Apart from anything else are secondary things. We have to understand our end users behaviors and their emotion what they are looking for instead just providing the mass content as per our interest and no other one liking too. As well as we have be updated with platform like Google, LinkedIn, Twitter algorithm too.

What are the biggest mistakes B2B Companies have been doing as per my opinion or observation?

Television Commercial: They are investing lots of money on TV commercials that no giving attention and it is full of waste of money, because on that they don’t have any option to click and get connect with you people watch and forgot that ads.

As per one survey

60-second Television Ad Cost Estimates by Market 2019

City CPM (Adults 25-54)
Los Angeles $34.75
New York City $27.16
Cleveland $21.11
Detroit $18.36
Kansas City $14.36

Example: Indian TV commercial ads, while I was finding how much it cost? I found that. A Start Plus network channel does cost RS 6,640 per second, So if your ads is about to 30 sec also then it will cost you RS 1,99,200. What you think instead of that if you run ads on online like Instagram, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and others online channels does it make more sense or not, because on online atleast whoever saw our the changes of communicating with then is more higher than this Television  ads. Atleast our consumer has and option to communicate with us via clicking on our ads mean while where on TV ads you have to download or remember your ads and do research latter. So as per my opinion and marketing sense online ads making more sense for me because I love to communicate with my consumer and understand their nature and behavior’s so I can produce content according to them.

TV ads cost or pricing

Banner Ads: Second I found that they are wasting lot of money on banner ads that not making much sense. Here I have question to you, how many people are watching or seeing the banner even you see are you able to get in touch with them? Put your opinion on comment sections. Begin a marketing guys if we are not able to communicate with our end user that not going to make more senses to us.

Like that they doing million of execution that is no making sense that only used for making a report  and analysis nothing else.

One of example at I found that one ads banner of Qualcomm on Mumbai Airport arrival gate

Qualcomm banner ads

Now does it communicate with their end users and how many people giving attention on this banner ad. After that I do Google search and I found the pricing of this ads that blow my mind. If you go for that then it will cost you RS 42500 per unit. Man on that price if you do online ads then at least you can communicate with your users and vice versa.

Mumbai Airport banner Cost

I found so many big and reputed companies that are producing the mass content on their blogs social media for example you can Ericson blog and their linked, but they are not communicating with their end users or consumers. Even they are not care about any algorithm like what is LinkedIn, Twitter and other platform algorithm. They are producing the content but just only for their interest so does not make any sense.

So please stop writing the content based on your interest, ok I found this is interesting let’s just write and sit back. Before start writing do some analysis what is your end users and how they are behaving what are their mentality. Because human behavior and understanding your consumer is most important things as per marketing perspective.

B2B doing mistake on blogs

Now I have again questions to you guys , Does this content communicating with end users and follow algorithms, make in comment section.

They write content just based on their interest, Thinking that I am feeling this let’s write about and share it.

Television vs Newspaper vs Radio vs Online Advertising Cost

Source Best For
Local TV $5,000 per one million viewers
Local Radio $3,000 per one million listeners
Regional Newspaper Ads $693 to $40,855 for ?-page ad
Google Ads $2.69 per click
Facebook Ads $1.86 per click

Sources: SmallBizTrends, Skyworks Marketing

Why I don’t recommend Newspaper ads? One of the traditional B2B Marketing Strategies

In Newspaper ads, you can’t customize your ads based on any particular location but online digital advertising we can. For example, if I want to run ads on any specific location let say Koramangala, Bangalore, India then we can set location and customize our ad on digital ads but if you go with a Newspaper app then we don’t have the option to customize like that.

ROI: On newspaper ads, we can not calculate the exact ROI, but in Digital ads, we can. For example: If we do ads for our website or app or business we don’t have to track tools to find the exact result here we can only assume that that is virtual. But on Digital Ads we can our report on what investment we are what click or what communication with our customers and we can define our ROI on that report just in a few hour report collection and gathering.

Cost: Newspaper ads are more & more costly if you compare them than digital ads because there is less customization and digital ads are very less compare with news ads and customizable.

Average Age of Network Viewers

TV Station Average Age
Fox News Channel 55
USA Network 48
TBS 44
Telemundo 45
Discovery Channel 48
Discovery Channel 48
History Channel 51
Discovery Channel 48
CNN 55
AMC 51
Lifetime 50+
MLB 50
TNT 50+
Comedy Central 37

Source: National Media Spots

Conclusion: This is major thing i found that B2B marketing doing the mistake during their marketing plans. That i shorted out some of major and max investment adverting where spend lots of money without communicating with their end users apart form that their a million of marketing channel they are using and investing lots of money without making much sense. So mention in comment what you feel and on which others marketing channel max business are burning their money without getting anything apart form making an internal report and analysis.


What is B2B Marketing?

B2B marketing stands for Business to business marketing. Means any business happening between two business only no end user involved. For example: Suppose we build an app and doing Digital marketing for a mobile app development company and they provide app for other business is called B2B.

What is B2C?

B2C stands for business to customers. Means a business directly communicating with their direct consumers or customer. For example, Flipkart, swiggy, paytm etc. Here they all directly communicating with their end user or customer those are not doing business. Apart from that these has B2B also like Amazon has some web services live aws hosting etc that they do it on B2B.

What is b2b company example?

Every business from manufacturing to retails that required B2B business because they have some certain products or services to do and for that supply they required other business. Even every B2C business required some thing so sell like they might need some product and some services so that they automatically generate B2B business. One of best example is Automobile Manufacturing company.
An Automobile Manufacturing company required so many things to provide a product. Such as if some manufacturing company want to manufacture truck then it required parts like battery, tires, electric stuff, engine, body, seat and so many other essential part to provide a fully functionally vehicle. So here automatically generate B2B business.

What is B2B Application?

B2B (Business-to-Business) application means the two business exchange their services, product between businesses rather than business to customer.

IS Amazon is B2B or B2C?

Amazon doing business on both sector. they have Amazon business as well as Amazon that provide B2C. They have special features all Business supply and they already get into the b2b supply and business through Amazon Business application.

Is Facebook is B2B or B2C?

Facebook is in both business, For example if your are doing ads for your business page for target business such as selling development services etc they also for B2C even you don’t have business account then also you are able to ads and reach out to customers direct communicate with you end users or customer through FB ads.

What is the best B2B social Media platform?

As per our knowledge we recommend first LinkedIn and then Twitter and pinterest.

What should be focus for B2B Marketing?

Instead of go traditional marketing tradition that we used to follow for B2B where you really communicate with your end users you should go with that media channel where you can do max communication with your end users. For example instead of putting banner ads those are hardly saw by your end users you should target audience on LinkedIn where at-least you/business can communicate with your end users or other businesses.

How to produce content for B2B Marketing?

Do analysis of your consumer and best of their interest try to generate content with well research data so that your end user can understand what you want convey and how you want to communicate with them rather than just putting content based on your interest. Do some research like how LinkedIn and other social media algorithm works, How search engine algorithm works and based on that plan your content.

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Build Online Business Website Less than 10 Minute Fri, 26 Jul 2019 18:29:28 +0000 How to Build Online Business Website Less than 10 Minute? ? Are you looking to start online business but not getting any idea? Or not have any prior programming knowledge or notRead More...

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How to Build Online Business Website Less than 10 Minute?

Are you looking to start online business but not getting any idea? Or not have any prior programming knowledge or not have enough money to invest? Then this blog is for you, read step-by-step guide below (It will take 10 min max reading) and your business will come online with a brand new website.

First thing first what are thing you required before start reading this post.

You should have system with you and internet connection.

Now without any delay let’s get started.

Step 1: Decide your brand or business name once you decided then go to you any domain provider like Google domain, Godaddy, Big rocks as per your choice there are lot of domain provider on internet. For more domain provider just search on with phrase buy domain and you will get all result.

Godaddy Domain Search

What does domain provider do?

Domain provider basically provide you a domain name that contains your business name so in future you can build your online business with then they will charge yearly basis so you have to keep renew your domain or you can buy at once for long time.

Step 2: Choose Your Hosting

Get your hosting if you starting then I suggest go with any shared hosting where you get c-panel. For example you can check hostgatator, Godaddy, 20i, big rocks and many more is available. If you still don’t have that much budget then ping me I’ll provide just in RS 99/ Month hosting. Or if you want to free one then try blogger (Provided by Google I’ll explain in next content how you build website using blogger, but there you will get very less customization options, so I suggest you go with WordPress if you are looking for long run).

Now let’s start with building your website or online business with ease without having any knowledge of coding and technical.

Note: Here I am using Godaddy as domain provider and 20i and hosting provider. So if you have any other domain provider and hosting provider then feel free to ping me on our social media, click on chat on your right or shoot me a mail on or make a comment below and I’ll help you out.

Now I am assuming that you have got your domain name and hosting ready with you. So let’s go ahead and build your first online business or website with WordPress and 20i Hosting.

Step 3: Go to Godady login page and login to your account. To do Sign In follows below steps.

Just open, Once home page loaded then right top you will find Sign In link, Just click on Sing In link then you will go on sign in page.

Godaddy Home Page

Enter your Sign credential Username or Customer id (If you not remember then go and check your email and you will get your username and Customer id). Enter your password. Tap/Click on Sign In button.

Godaddy Home Sign In

Godaddy Home Sign In Details Page

Step 4: Once you click on Sign In button then it will redirect your product page by default in Godaddy if you are not redirected on product page then go to right-top user icon and click on drop-down and you will see My Products tab, Just click on it. Or just open you will redirect on your domain or product page. For your reference check below image.

Godaddy product page

Once it open then click on DNS button on corresponding domain for your reference check below image.

Godaddy domain dns

Step 4: Once you click on DNS button then it will redirect / open DNS management page. First click on A Class IP and change it your IP address. And then go down and hit save button.

How to Find IP address on your server.

Go to your hosting provider and login to your account and go to your account and you will find your IP.

Now here I am showing on 20i hosting, how you will find it.

First Login to your 20i account and click on manage hosting and click on add hosting. Once you click on that then you will get option to enter your domain, Just enter your enter your domain name (all in running letter) and then “select Package Type” here I am selecting Linux OS then click on Create Hosting Package button.

Go back to your manager hosting and click on your website and then go down and right side your will get your IP and DNS (Domain Name Servers) details for reference you can see above videos.

Now come back to Godaddy and then go down and you will see Nameservers click on change button and choose custom and enter your DNS (Domain Nameservers details) and hit Save button.

And wait for 2-5 minute to get propagate. Now go back to your hosting and choose your domain and click on mange for reference check below image.

Now scroll down and go to One-Click Installs and you will see WordPress Icon over there. Just click on WordPress once you click it will open Install WordPress page. Now click on Install WordPress Button.

Wait for 2-5 minute and then open you domain name in new tab once you open your domain by default it will show WordPress installation page. Choose your language and then hit the continue button.

Once you click on this then it will ask some details enter your details.

First: Site Title: Enter your Business Name as your Site title

Second: Enter your user name ex: admin or yourname

Third: Enter your strong password and save it, if it will show week password then click on confirm use of week password check box.

Fourth: Enter your working email I suggest you enter same email that you use for domain and hosting registration so it will easy to remember for future use, In case you forget password.

Fifth: Search Engine Visibility leave as it is.

Now click on Install WordPress button

Once you click then it will redirect to your WordPress success page.

Cheers! Your website is live now. Just now type your website name on new tab and a new WordPress website live now. Now you can start posting your services and content and design as per your requirements. To do that you have to login to your WordPress backend or admin dashboard. To do login to your admin dashboard follow below steps.

Go and type

Now click on Log In button, once you click on that button then it will open WordPress Log In page, Now enter your user name and password that you just enter while Installing WordPress and click on Log In button.

Once you click on Log In button your will see your WordPress backend now you can start customize your website.

Now we have question how to customize and design a professional page in WordPress?

This very easy, there a lot of WordPress page builder available for free so you can use that plugin and you can build your professional website pages. Here i am using Elementor WordPress Page Builder?to build a professional pages.

Note: No need to go for pro version initially you can try with free version only and you can design your own. Once you start making some revenue then go for pro version.

Here i am using free version of Elementor plugin to build this page.

Now you check below video regarding Page builder and installation.

How to Install Elementor WordPress Page Builder?


Why we Need a Website?

Today era of business online is most important to start your business or you have to online presence of your business online so people able to find details about your business or brand and contact your through their mobile, email or social media.

How much does it cost to start?

If you are from India and booking .in or extension domain with Godaddy then domain will cost you around RS 149 – RS 449 for one years. And for hosting it depends what hosting you are buying. If you buying for one domain then it will start form RS 200 – RS 500 per month for shared one with c-panel access. If you are still confused then ping me i’ll provide you 20i shared hosting just at RS 99 per month. Or you can check our start up bundle at:

Does we got business Email with this?

It’s depends on your hosting and domain provider, some of domain provider provide you business email free if you purchase hosting from them if you buy hosting form other hosting provider then you have to check before buying weather they are providing the business email configuration or not? Here i used 20i so they provide in-build stack mail for business email and it is easy to configure and use it.

Does SSL come with this?

With domain it does not come. It came with your hosting provider, now these days max of hosting provider provide free SSL for you. Here i am using 20i so they provide one click SSL installation and it’s free. for details watch below video clip.

What is WordPress and Why WordPress?

WordPress is CMS (content management system) and it is free to use. It is one of most popular CMS and most used over the internet. IT is very easy to manage and their are lots of free plugin that provide you the grate feature to build your professional website without having any programming knowledge. It has huge community over the internet so if any issue came then you can easily find out their solution online and get resolve. It is very easy to handle, in WordPress only you have click, upload and drag and drop option and you able to build your website. For more details you can check out their official site at

What is Elementor and why Elementor?

It is WordPress page builder plugin that allow you to build awesome professional pages for your business without any coding/programming knowledge. It is easy to use and it has free template so you can just install and use while changing image and content as per your need. If you want to build your own then you can use their element and build it. To build it you just have to drag and drop the element form left to your page body and it ready. more details just watch above video how to install Elementor and how to use it.

Does we start E-Commerce with WordPress?

Yes you can start. There is plugin called woocommerce it allows to build an E-Commerce website with WordPress in just one installation and a small setup with all feature like order taking, tracking, user sign in and sign up etc. I’ll publish very soon a video on How to Install woocommerce on WordPress within 10 min and start your business online with ease in nest tutorial.


Here i provide you a video and content regarding, how to build our online business website within 10 min with Godaddy domain provider, 20i hosting provide, and WordPress CMS with a professional page building with Elementor Page builder plugin. Here i also show how to install SSL on our website with business email setup. So basically we build our online business just in 10 minute.

Still you have an query then let me know in comment section and i’ll help you or shoot a mail to me at

Or you can contact me on our social signal at: 





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V-Model for SEO Beginner and SEO ROI to Get better Results even For Google Adwords Thu, 21 Feb 2019 20:53:53 +0000 Everyone talking about the seo and how to do it but no one is giving the clear picture to do that. without investing money. So here is first time Digital Marketing EdgesRead More...

The post V-Model for SEO Beginner and SEO ROI to Get better Results even For Google Adwords appeared first on Best Digital Marketing Consulting Agency.

Everyone talking about the seo and how to do it but no one is giving the clear picture to do that. without investing money. So here is first time Digital Marketing Edges is giving your free ROI and SEO beginner guide to do that. You might required only $10 buxs to do this experiment or learning by yourself no need any expert or institute.?
?This experiment i named as V-model of SEO because here we are doing blog creation as well as SEO side-by-side. Means each steps of creating a website to do seo it’s not like other Search Engine Optimization (SEO), once you create a website and then wait and you start seo.?
In V-Model SEO you will be creating a blogs and well as you are doing SEO process same times.
If you want to learn by yourself then here you go.
I am giving you the simple steps that will work without much investment. We all know investing the money on initial phase is more painful if you don’t know the worth of that. So stop wasting money on wrong way and do it in right way. now with wasting our time let’s start with fresh.
For all new blogger, small business and webmaster or new comer who want to learn seo here you go.
Mandatory thing that required seo to start.
1. Internet
2. One system
3. Blog/website
4. Keywords
5. Content
6. media files
First you must required Good internet connection to speed up your work else you fed-up and end up soon.
Second you need a good system that able to handle more and more tab of browser in your system as well notepad and excel files.
Third thing is Blog/Website:
Now for all new comer even those have exp for that first you do the ROI for ROI you actually don’t required your personal domain or website. You no need to put the money to buy domain or server to test your skill or for ROI.
Now i am going to tell how to do it ROI or test your skill or how to learn.
First thing there are so may Micro site usually seo guys says web2.0 or blogger platform that have been providing free hosting with the sub-domains. I am going the list some of them that are most popular.
Note: But in this post or here i am going taking only blogspot to do this experiment because it does not required to paid anything to get started to add in Google Search Console.
and there are more and more if you want more then you just type in Google web2.0 list and you will get ton of web2.0 list websites.
But here i am going to talk about Blogger only because easy to add in webmaster and do the seo in other post i will take others.
Now lets start. for those have some knowledge about the seo. Choose your niche or area in which you want to do seo or ROI and for beginner or new comer decide in which area or interest or seo term it’s called niche, do you want to rank a website and for small business those have fresh website and don’t know the keywords and how to do the right seo and which keyword to target.
Check out the below video, how to find keywords and how to create blogspot and how to use Google Search Console:

One your decide with keywords then open Google keyword planner and paste your keywords and download the keyword group and then filter out with their monthly search. Once you done with that then try some free tool to get long tail keywords (means your main keyword with some prefix and suffix) combination using and there are so many tools available for that just type in Google “long tail keyword finder” and you can do that once you done with that then combined all keyword on excel-sheet and remove duplicate.
Now just create a blogspot site.
If you don’t know how to create a blogger site with then follow the below steps that will help to create.
How to create a blogspot/ site?
To create a blogger or blogspot site you need a gmail id, if you have a gmail id then ok else you have to create one to create a gmail id you have to and fill all mandatory field.?
Image result for gmail
Once you created the Gmail id with Google then you just have to hit blogger on google and the first link will be the just hit that link and it will open that. Blogger/Blogspot powered by google so you no need to worry about the hosting and website load management Google will take care all these thing.
blogger home page url
Once you created a blogger then you will get your blogsopt url something like “” once you done to create blogspot then first of fall go under the setting tab that generally available at left site of blogger dashboard. Click on setting tab all you will see the basic setting section under that first your will see the title.
Just Hit the edit button that will help you put your title based on your niche/business/interest/keywords. Just enter the full title including?your niche/business/interest/keywords. For example if you want to do it in Software App Development Company then you may enter the tile “Best?Software App Development Company + Location” if you are targeting specific location.
blogger dashboard details
Then hit on description and enter the short description that not exceed more than 500 char. Description must be combined with your keywords. Like ” Looking for Software and Mobile App Development Company for your business then feel free to contact us at your business name”
Now third there is a section https redirect, by default it was on http only so have to set https redirect by just clicking on drop-down given on that you will see this option in above image.
Now once you done these steps just copy your blogspot url by clicking on view blogs link that available on let top just under your blogspot list. Once you copy then you may got the url something like “”.
Once you copy then just open Google Search Console. If you are new then check out below, how to open an account with Google Search Console.
First Just open, then type?Google Search Console and the first link will be the Google Search console link just hit on that or just hit on and you will get the Google Search Console dashborad and then you have to just click on start now button, in other word seo guys used to say Google Webmaster tools.
Google Search Console Link
Google Search Console Home Page
Once you open that then click on add property and then you got a prompt telling that add site url just enter your site url that just created with blogspot. once you entered then just hit continue button. Once you click on continue then you no need to worry it will automatically get fetched, because it is powered by Google.
You can video to do these steps as well as get an overview of Google Search Console at:

Now Second Steps:
Create the content just try with human written content or if you don’t know how to write then using archive content.
For looking for long term the here is the key how to write content?
First you have to decide title, title must include your keywords for more details you may check my previous post @?
Once you create post, i’ll suggest you to create min 10 post with high searches keywords that you already filtered and save on excel sheet that i mention above.
One more important you should name your media file with same as your keywords related so and don’t forget to enter alt and title of image.
Note: This is only for ROI testing and learning nothing for business.
Once you done with writing the post just copy the post url and Go to Google search console (I suggest you to keep open both tab blogger and search console tabs in your browsers). now once you go under the Google Search Console dash board then choose your blogsport/website property. Once you choose that then you will see so many option available on left side, Now you go to under URL?Inspection section and click on that once you click on that it will highlight the section on top search tab. Now you have to paste you blogspot url (Something like: and hit the enter keyword once you hit enter keyword Google will inspect your url and show the details if it is first time (Check the below image) then it will show URL is not on Google and that section itself it will show View Crawled page and other hand there is option Request Indexing. You just have to click on Request indexing and once you click on that it will take some time around less 30 sec based on internet speed and it will submit to Google search console to prior index (no need to worry this term for new comer).
Google Search Console Dashborad explanation
Once you done then after 10-20 min just copy same url and ope and type your url and search it will be index or you may try with info:yoururl but sometimes recently index url will not shown so i suggest you to do in both way.
Once you done now part of Off page seo and after how many days you start getting results or keywords on you console. It will take min 3 days to show any result but during that you have to build some links.
Now Third and Final Steps:
Now it is time to do some experiment with $10 to get real keywords and traffic source. Now what is that experiment.
If you are new comer then no need to worry about the technology or SEO term else those are belong to SEO they will understand the terms.
Now just go to fiverr. Fiverr is open freelance source where you will get cheaper guys to do your individual operations or task. And just type with GSA blast and before you order just talk to them and clearly told them i need GSA camping run for 3 days and camping should be on these link on first tires (on your main blogspot url) are:
Note: Provide only post url on main blogspot url
1. Wiki links
2. Docs Submission
3. Bookmarking
4. web2.0
5. Web2.0 Profiles
5. Video Submission
6. Business Listing
7. Limited forum links
Then run on 2nd tire link on these above links means once they provide you to report then told then run 3-days camping to above report note that this time don’t use a single blogspot links.
These all will cost you max-max $10 because i already did and for me it cost only $10 and got the good result and still it giving the result. Even i tried with spun content because i need only main keyword so got it through Google Search Console approx more than 3000 keywords and still it giving daily-daily new keywords for stats you ay check below Google analytic report in image.
SEO ROI and Beginner Guide
This my recent ROI site that i did on blogspot in just $10 investment.
For seo guys you will get the main keywords on which you are getting max impression and click that you never get through any other tools even google keyword planner is also not providing the exact data so you finally got a bunch of real keyword with the exact stat on which you are getting max click and on which you are max impression and on which position your website is ranking on particular keywords once you got all stat then it is easy to target SEO even paid marketing through Google Adwords.
Result Updated on 26-02-2019:
Here see the most trusted SEO metric tools result on this V-Model SEO ROI that i did on one of blogspot.
Majestic SEO Tools Result:
seo roi majestic result
MOZ Tools Result:
seo roi moz stat
Still you have any query then feel free to contact us at:?
Or just ping me one my skype my skype id is: vishalraj232 and suggest me what else steps or information you required to add on this post and i’ll also went through this post once and i’ll keep updating this post with essential information and updates.

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How to Start Your Business Using Facebook, Instagram and Other Social Media Thu, 27 Dec 2018 03:48:36 +0000 ?Now today world era internet is game changer. So, Stop over thinking instead of doing something, Because if you are over thinking on something that will yell toward UN-neccessary thought apart formRead More...

The post How to Start Your Business Using Facebook, Instagram and Other Social Media appeared first on Best Digital Marketing Consulting Agency.

?Now today world era internet is game changer. So, Stop over thinking instead of doing something, Because if you are over thinking on something that will yell toward UN-neccessary thought apart form and you have been/ will lose you focus toward the work.

One more Important think, never ever, ever give a fuck about any one opinion on over opinion, But be focus on work and stop thinking about shit and doing shit. If you really wanted to build a business in this new world of internet then start doing, because you don’t need anything else apart form you content and business ideas.

There is already so many internet resources are available to start your business and follow, what you love to do.

So, Are you ready to follow your dream now then start with put some extra effort and time to make your dream to be real and successful.

Here i am giving some point where you can start your business without any investment, the only investment you need is your time and effort.

Here is some of most famous and important social media platform list where you can start you business without any investment.

As per you these social platform enough to star your business, So let’s start without wasting time and give shit about other opinion on others.

Facebook Business/Brand? Page:

First, If you have any business idea then just Go ahead and open you smart phone or system and login to Facebook ( and just create you dream business or brand page and most beautiful thing is this is fully free, so excuse to think and waste of time.

Facebook Page Creation

Just Enter you Business details and hit get start you reference you may check our Facebook page @

Just enter your Information like your business name, where you located, upload your business logo and some Facebook banner related to your business and you on the air to share your business around the world. Once you started your Facebook business page then share your business whatever it is, whether it is services or products or personal branding.

Now you start posting some good content that give worth to your users. For example you are in services and help to build brand startup then put some content that make a worth for their business with some good images and use hastag like #startup #buildbrand #brandfor tartup #howtobuildbrand like there are penalty of Facebook tags so even a user search in Facebook your page will show them.

For these things even you don’t need a System or any investment, You already have a mobile that enough capable to do it. Just open Google Play Store or i-store on your Mobile and download Facebook Page Manager and login into that so there is no excuse to time, even you are traveling, having food, or doing some thing just take a minute and update about business.

Note: If you any query then feel free to drop/write a mail to me at and I’ll personally reply to your mail.

Instagram Brand Account/Page:

Now Instagram is most growing social media platform. So just download Instagram app in you phone. Just go and hit Google Play Store or i-store in your phone and download Instagram app and signup. Once you signup then connect your business Facebook page and start upload with fresh a creative content regarding the business for reference you may check out

Now keep promise your self no more excuse and start updating some fresh content that worth for your users and related to your business then join some community and try to contribute your some valuable opinion and build your network.

Twitter Business/Brand Account:

Now, 3rd platform your are just sing is Twitter. Same way just download the twitter app in your mobile and just signup, and enter your business details and start twitting some fresh post with a millions of millions tags and start sharing this people and trying to contribute your opinion on community. For reference you may check? @

YouTube For Business:

Now most easiest way to convey your users is visual platform. So just open you mobile there is already YouTube app is there i think. Just go and hit sing in through you email id and create your channel. For reference you may Check our YouTube Channel.

YouTube Channe Creation

Or you check any YouTube most subscribed channel and you take a reference, How they making a content and based on that start you video regarding your business. For example you create a sample video regarding your business like:

And uploaded to YouTube channel and share to all your social platform that you just have created above like Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter etc.

LinkedIn Business Profile:

LinkedIn is bunch of professional network so if you want to build your professional network and make connection with business guys then just download Linkedin app or open LinkedIn ( in browser and signup with your details. Once you signup then just go and hit Work icon and create your LinkedIn company Page.

Create a LinkedIn Company page

For reference you may check out us @

Once you in at LinkedIn then start connecting with bunch of professional and start producing a fresh content to them and take you business professional network to next level.


Medium one of the platform there world professional and potential reader have been connected, so just signup on medium ( and start sharing your content to every one make your grow your users as well as business network.? For reference you may check our profile @

or Just drop a mail to me at:

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]]> Google Stop Public URL Submissions to it’s Search Engine Thu, 26 Jul 2018 04:00:59 +0000 Public Google URL Submit now stop working or you may say that Google stop supporting the Public URL Submission to its search engine. Google announced on Wednesday morning telling that they areRead More...

The post Google Stop Public URL Submissions to it’s Search Engine appeared first on Best Digital Marketing Consulting Agency.

Public Google URL Submit now stop working or you may say that Google stop supporting the Public URL Submission to its search engine. Google announced on Wednesday morning telling that they are stopping support for public url submission to their search engine. At Google webmaster twitter account they twitted, telling that they want to inform about the new updates about the public url submission. They said that now onward there is only these option available to index a new site in Google. If you want to add your website then you should have to use Search Console’s Fetch and Submit individual page that you want to index on Google or you have to add sitemap file feed to search console. You can check below twitted that posted by Google Webmasters Twitter.

Google Webmaster said that we had to drop public url submission feature with out giving or said why it is necessary to take it down or stop it. It might be they want to stop spam or abuse issues. But Google added a statement telling that “but we continue to welcome your submissions using the usual tool in Search Console and through sitemaps directly.”

Now for all webmaster Google said that you should submit your content only through Google Search Console’s fetch or you can use sitemap. No other option they gave.

Just reminder for all webmaster see the past time of Google public url submission when it was working when you are logged in through your gmail account.

Google Url Submit

Now this is become past and no more support for that. Google said bye to public Google URL Submit.

Previously when search in google about “Google Submit URL” when you are login then it will? show the result like below image.

google submit url public tool

Now if you search same phrase then you’ll not able to find the same result, now you’ll get the result like below image.

Google Submit URL search result

And once you open that link then it will show the result like below image telling that “To submit a URL to the Google index, either submit a sitemap or use our new URL Inspection tool.”

submit url stopped

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How to Create Website Content for your Business or Personal Mon, 09 Jul 2018 17:26:10 +0000 How To Creation Website Content: Website content creation is most important part of your website as per user experience as well as for search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc) visibility or youRead More...

The post How to Create Website Content for your Business or Personal appeared first on Best Digital Marketing Consulting Agency.

How To Creation Website Content:

Website content creation is most important part of your website as per user experience as well as for search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc) visibility or you may say that for search engine ranking. Content is a face for your product, services or your personal things. So whenever you trying to write any content be clear that on what topic you want to write and please do some research and facts and then trying to write that will give you a importance to your content and user. Don’t try to write content that will like dummy or unrelated or without facts it will harm your business as per user experience as well as for search engine.

Content is most important as per Google search algorithm it’s known as Google Panda. So while you start writing the content about your business then try explain the your business motto and core. Keep in mind what are your end user based on that you have to decide content design. For example:

If? you have a business to that have end user is local user that are not much familiar with high knowledge or education (like, local selling good, E-commerce local or cloths etc) that has end users are local that have no much familiar with high end English langue then at that case you have to choose a content writer that able to write a? content in such a way that end user easily can read and understand your business details or your products details instead of writing content in most difficult word in english. If you write content in most generic word or common word then your end user easily be understand your motto or details of your product or business else they don’t understand your business motto or product details and you will loose your end user. Now day so many people do that mistake instead of targeting the end user mind and analysis they start writing the content in such a way that helpful as per search engine but not for end user and that’s why they loose their end user customer as well as the bounce rate of their website has been increase.

Bounce Rate:?Bounce rate is technical term as per Search engine. It mean how many user came to your website and how much time they expending on your site and how many user came to your website and went of in short time without reading your whole content.? So , if you want to reduce you bounce rate of your website then try to write content considering the end user analysis not as per search engine, because search engine not analyse your content as well as they analyse all factor of your website on that Bounce rate is one of most import factor.

If your content is pure concentric toward your end user so user automatically share you content to every one and you will save your lot of time to reach to multiple user and even you will save your money and effort to reach your end user for that.

Conclusion till now:

Main Factor to start writing the content. I am mentioning some important point that should be follow before start writing content:

  • Niche
  • Geographic Location
  • Target End User
  • End User Analysis (As per their Knowledge)
  • Facts

Niche:?Niche is basically relate to your business or personal thing. In other word this is about in which segment or area you want to go and you want to start any business. So if your are new and not getting idea how to decide the niche then be genuine with you and start about yourself means what you have done till now or what you want to do and share your idea with facts and some stats. Or if you have already decide your niche then you may use Google Keyword Planner to find that niche on your Geo-location and get analysis of that data.

Once you open the Google Keyword Planner then Home page will look like that.

Google Keyword Planner

Here is two section:

First:??Find keywords:?Get keyword ideas that can help you reach people interested in your product or service.

Second:??Get search volume and forecasts:?See search volume and other historical metrics for your keywords, as well as forecasts for how they might perform in the future.
So we need right now Find Keyword for that you have click on Find Keywords tab:
Once you click on that tab then it will open one dialogue box like below:
Find Keyword in Google Adwards
Here you have the enter your phrase or niche in which you want to go or you planning to target audience or end users.
Once you enter the keyword, niche, word, phrase then press the GET STARTED?button and once you did that then you will get some details like below image.
keyword planner avg resultHere you will see keyword, Avg Monthly Search and more. Here you can put your target location at left top, you will find location tap you just have to edit select your target location and language then you will get avg user on that location those are using google to find such kind of word phrase or business.

If you are using Google Keyword Planner then you must select your location in which area or Geo-Location you want to target audience then only you got exact stat of end user customer details.

Apart form that you can use Social Media such Facebook to find the end user as well as you may do Google research how many? people are using internet on that location so you will get approx exact end user and their stat and based on that just start writing the content and i hope if you will do all these analysis about niche decision and start writing content you will win the race compare to others.

For Facebook: you just have to create? a Facebook ads select audience target location and Age and you will get avg people with age group that are available on that location.

Note: No need to run paid camping or ads you just find the avg analysis and make an report don’t run ads.

Now for internet user analysis, now you have to find internet user at that location using Google search or any research. For example just type in Google “Internet User at India”

So you will find so many research report on that so you can made report on that and combined all above and these data you will get approx avg people or end user for user content or business.

Note: Be always genuine and write about the truth not write false if you are looking for long term.

Final Conclusion:

First stop doing mistake like putting more keywords on title and meta description and try to put overtime along with long tail keywords. First think about end user and their goal and response, because now Google is analysing google behavior of your user that coming on your website.

Choose title that make user looking for for reference you can check any famous magazines.

Start content that connect with users for example start a conversation like, if I am going to market at time I faced so much traffic so I chose short cut route , did you also face it? If yes then then here i am giving you the short cut to avoid that.

Don’t try over design the content keep it simple to read out provide proper space.

Do sections (sections means divide the content so that user can skip specific part of content and jump to around to hole content for example table contains ) and interlink most relevant your existing content.

Don’t hesitate to link 3rd party blog content or external links like wiki and all.

Try to put QA and pro and corns at the last.

Put conclusion on the bottom of post.

Then asked for user feedback about your content like what you say this is work for you if yes share your opinion with us or share your technique that work for you.

So try this while writing the content and you will get good results because google like good and fresh content that updated recently not outdated.

One more important thing try to keep updating your old post while adding some paragraph.

Try these tips and share your opinion does it work for you or not?

And like & follow our page?Digital Marketing Edges?for more updates.

This is a basic thing you have to do it before start writing the content about your business or website the next thing how to write the content that is SEO friendly.? I’ll write content about that in next release of content. If you have query then you will may follow or contact us @ on Facebook @?

and You may Follow us on Twitter @?

You may direct contact us through our contact us page @?

Or may fill out below from @


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Point to be Consider while Making Website for Your Business Sun, 13 May 2018 20:47:36 +0000 What is Website? and Why It’s needed? When we talk about a website it directly or indirectly a way to make business. So may people still asking about why we need websiteRead More...

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What is Website? and Why It’s needed?

When we talk about a website it directly or indirectly a way to make business. So may people still asking about why we need website for my business and what is it’s need?

Let’s talk about what is a website?

Website is mainly a online presentation of your business and personal things that make you visible for all around the glob means people will get to know about you from anywhere and any place if they have internet or any smart device that’s it.

Things to be needed for Website live for users:

  1. Domain Name: It is just like your business, store or your name that represents you and people will be know about that name globally.? In other word you may say domain name is your virtual land where you can build your building for your assets or name for anythings (like business, Foundation, Social Cause and many more.). You may buy domain form google domain, Godaddy, Bigrocks and so many there choose as per your choice and budget for that you have just type in “Domain Provider and you will get all the lists. To open google search result just click on Google Search Result for Domain provider.
    domain provider google search result
  2. Hosting: In technical term it? a medium to make a connectivity to your domain, backed and internet ftp, that establish a connection between internet and your domain become visible and you will upload you files or documents. It contains all you files and document safe and that will visible to all but they prevent the edit file by users.
    In general word, It is a back bone for your website without that your domain or website will be not live means no one not able to see or access your website or business. In daily use word you may say Hosting is a complex where you can build your so many house as per requirements. It will store all data on virtual space and make a constructive architecture of your virtual business store (Website) and be visible or presentation the way design your virtual store and want to show the people.

? ? ? ? ? ? ?2.a There is so many types of Hosting:

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?2.a.1: Shared Hosting: It is mainly shared with so many customers and here you will get a separate IP on a central Hosting. In general world, it is just like a business complex and you have one store located on that and there is so many other business also located with limitation of there space, freedom, and uses on a centralized address.

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There are so many vendor online that has been providing the shared hosting i going to mention some here: Godaddy,? Bigrocks, Digital Ocean, Hostgator and many more you may find by search on, just type “shared hosting? providers” and you will get so many option here then you will compare as per your uses and budgets.

Check out Google result and options for Hosting Provider, Just click on: Google Search result on Buy Hosting.

buy hosting google search result

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?2.a.2: Virtual Private Server (VPS):?In technical term,?A?Virtual Private Server?(VPS) is a virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hosting service. A VPS runs its own copy of an operating system (OS), and customers may have superuser-level access to that operating system instance, so they can install almost any software that runs on that OS.

In general word, A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is own complex where only one address exit for all business and all business has been belongs to you no other business is running on the same address and even they do not have access and authority to open their shop at that place without your permission.

? ? ? ? ? ? ?2.a.3: Dedicated Server:?In technical term, A Dedicated Server is a single computer or system in a network that has been reserved to serve the need of the network that allocated for that.

In general word, Dedicated Server a big plot or land belongs to you and what ever the complex and resource available on that land will be for you only no one else.

3. Website Design and Content:?In Technical term, Website design contains your website design as per your requirements and content contains all the details about your business or about your projects. Content should be unique and related to your product or services.

In general term: Website is a your online/digital/virtual shop interior design, it will show your business products, services or product that you usually keep in your store or providing the service for your customers or user. You may also follow us for any query of updates @Digitalmarketingedges

Website Development or Creation:

Website Development or Creation is most important because it your business face presenting around glob/world wide web.

You can build your website using two method one is using Content? Management System (CMS) and other is custom development.

Content Management System:

It is basically? a kind management system where you can design your website and manage your content easily without any coding experience in hand. There are so many free CMS already available on internet that allow you to build your website without having coding experience or knowledge. I listing some popular CMS that generally people used:

WordPress: It is one of the most popular CMS around the world and it is easy to use compare to other cms. Here you will find so many theme/design option that will help you build your business website according as per your requirements.? Here you also find the option for free E-Commerce theme and addon plugins (like woocommerce) that help you to build your online store/E-Commerce websites and so many categories base theme that will help you out to build your business website as per you business niche or area.

Joomala:?It is also a good cms but not much theme and design option as well as it is bit complicated to use and no much add-on plugin that will provide you flexibility as WordPress had.

Drupal:?Initial is? a one of the famous CMS and known as secured cms, but it also have very limited theme, design and Add-On options and bit complicated for the end user those don’t have prior knowledge.

Magento,?opencart, &?shopify:?These all three well known as E-Commerce CMS. They mainly design their CMS as per E-Commerce requirement. In this Magento and Opencart are free to use? but Shopify is paid one you have to paid for shopify for use long terms. But for all these three cms platform you should have some prior experience, if you don’t have then you may hire some expert or you may try yourself using Google and YouTube videos.

Keep thing in Mind while making Website Design:

Whenever you will try to design your website you may keep these important things in mind:

Website design minimal: should me easy in flow as per user, means your customer will use your website like a game and they will not find any difficulty to reach out to your original goal.

Website UI/UX simple: It just like your shop, if you keep your products in unsorted way or not in arranged mode in shop then it is very hard for customer to find any products as well as customer will not feel comfortable in your shop while look around inside your shop.

Search should be visible and easy to use:?You should keep search button easy to visible , so your user can easily find what they are looking for, in case they land on other page that page they are not looking for, so they can search what he/she looking for even they can find search other products or services they might need in future or they might will refer to their friends, relative or some other group in that peoples are looking for that.

Color Tones and Text Font:?Colors and CSS design for your website is very important part of that, always keep in mind color should not iterate human eyes. Even text font should be very plain an readable so user don’t feel stress while reading the content in your website or simply visiting your website.

Media Representation: Always keep in mind while putting any media files (Images, Videos, Docs, excel or pdf or anything else) on your website, quality of media should be very clear and related to your website content , products, services or whatever you have been doing. If you put wrong media on wrong place then user will went off without checking your content that will make a very bad impression for user so you might loos that user for long.

If, you have been putting good quality media on your website then it will attract more users and user will share automatically content to all. Even if you selling any products, services or anything else media is a good way to convey any one.

It is just like you are putting banner of your offline store or for your business and playing a media on big screen to show your products or services on a big frame that attract user, If your banner and big frame video not in good quality then people will not even see your shops or business whether you put big screen or big banner of picture.

Should mention your term & Condition page:?Make sure you put your term & condition if you are making for business even for personal blogs too, So it will safe for your.

Mention Support Page visible:?Put all support details visible to your customer it is always a good things, If you will not put then your customer will go off and you will lose your customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Friendly:?Website should be search engine optimized, so search engine will crawl your website as per your business categories. If you website not optimized as per SEO then it is very hard to find through search engine like Google, Yahoo, bing and more.

Why You Need a Website?

There is so many factor that you need your website, i am listing some below:

  • For reach out the max customers or user within minimal time.
  • No need to your customer will come to your store.
  • Your business will open 24/7.
  • Growth rate of your business increase faster.
  • No need to store more products.
  • Management of products and service is very easy.
  • You can put your product/services from anywhere.
  • To make online presence trustful and more visible.
  • Showcase more products/services compare to offline business.
  • It took less time to showcase your products/services compare to offline business.
  • Easy to reach out million of customer within minute, through msg, social media and so many marketing channel.

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