Public Google URL Submit now stop working or you may say that Google stop supporting the Public URL Submission to its search engine. Google announced on Wednesday morning telling that they are stopping support for public url submission to their search engine. At Google webmaster twitter account they twitted, telling that they want to inform about the new updates about the public url submission. They said that now onward there is only these option available to index a new site in Google. If you want to add your website then you should have to use Search Console’s Fetch and Submit individual page that you want to index on Google or you have to add sitemap file feed to search console. You can check below twitted that posted by Google Webmasters Twitter.

Google Webmaster said that we had to drop public url submission feature with out giving or said why it is necessary to take it down or stop it. It might be they want to stop spam or abuse issues. But Google added a statement telling that “but we continue to welcome your submissions using the usual tool in Search Console and through sitemaps directly.”

Now for all webmaster Google said that you should submit your content only through Google Search Console’s fetch or you can use sitemap. No other option they gave.

Just reminder for all webmaster see the past time of Google public url submission when it was working when you are logged in through your gmail account.

Google Url Submit

Now this is become past and no more support for that. Google said bye to public Google URL Submit.

Previously when search in google about “Google Submit URL” when you are login then it will? show the result like below image.

google submit url public tool

Now if you search same phrase then you’ll not able to find the same result, now you’ll get the result like below image.

Google Submit URL search result

And once you open that link then it will show the result like below image telling that “To submit a URL to the Google index, either submit a sitemap or use our new URL Inspection tool.”

submit url stopped