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?Now today world era internet is game changer. So, Stop over thinking instead of doing something, Because if you are over thinking on something that will yell toward UN-neccessary thought apart form and you have been/ will lose you focus toward the work.

One more Important think, never ever, ever give a fuck about any one opinion on over opinion, But be focus on work and stop thinking about shit and doing shit. If you really wanted to build a business in this new world of internet then start doing, because you don’t need anything else apart form you content and business ideas.

There is already so many internet resources are available to start your business and follow, what you love to do.

So, Are you ready to follow your dream now then start with put some extra effort and time to make your dream to be real and successful.

Here i am giving some point where you can start your business without any investment, the only investment you need is your time and effort.

Here is some of most famous and important social media platform list where you can start you business without any investment.

As per you these social platform enough to star your business, So let’s start without wasting time and give shit about other opinion on others.

Facebook Business/Brand? Page:

First, If you have any business idea then just Go ahead and open you smart phone or system and login to Facebook ( and just create you dream business or brand page and most beautiful thing is this is fully free, so excuse to think and waste of time.

Facebook Page Creation

Just Enter you Business details and hit get start you reference you may check our Facebook page @

Just enter your Information like your business name, where you located, upload your business logo and some Facebook banner related to your business and you on the air to share your business around the world. Once you started your Facebook business page then share your business whatever it is, whether it is services or products or personal branding.

Now you start posting some good content that give worth to your users. For example you are in services and help to build brand startup then put some content that make a worth for their business with some good images and use hastag like #startup #buildbrand #brandfor tartup #howtobuildbrand like there are penalty of Facebook tags so even a user search in Facebook your page will show them.

For these things even you don’t need a System or any investment, You already have a mobile that enough capable to do it. Just open Google Play Store or i-store on your Mobile and download Facebook Page Manager and login into that so there is no excuse to time, even you are traveling, having food, or doing some thing just take a minute and update about business.

Note: If you any query then feel free to drop/write a mail to me at and I’ll personally reply to your mail.

Instagram Brand Account/Page:

Now Instagram is most growing social media platform. So just download Instagram app in you phone. Just go and hit Google Play Store or i-store in your phone and download Instagram app and signup. Once you signup then connect your business Facebook page and start upload with fresh a creative content regarding the business for reference you may check out

Now keep promise your self no more excuse and start updating some fresh content that worth for your users and related to your business then join some community and try to contribute your some valuable opinion and build your network.

Twitter Business/Brand Account:

Now, 3rd platform your are just sing is Twitter. Same way just download the twitter app in your mobile and just signup, and enter your business details and start twitting some fresh post with a millions of millions tags and start sharing this people and trying to contribute your opinion on community. For reference you may check? @

YouTube For Business:

Now most easiest way to convey your users is visual platform. So just open you mobile there is already YouTube app is there i think. Just go and hit sing in through you email id and create your channel. For reference you may Check our YouTube Channel.

YouTube Channe Creation

Or you check any YouTube most subscribed channel and you take a reference, How they making a content and based on that start you video regarding your business. For example you create a sample video regarding your business like:

And uploaded to YouTube channel and share to all your social platform that you just have created above like Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter etc.

LinkedIn Business Profile:

LinkedIn is bunch of professional network so if you want to build your professional network and make connection with business guys then just download Linkedin app or open LinkedIn ( in browser and signup with your details. Once you signup then just go and hit Work icon and create your LinkedIn company Page.

Create a LinkedIn Company page

For reference you may check out us @

Once you in at LinkedIn then start connecting with bunch of professional and start producing a fresh content to them and take you business professional network to next level.


Medium one of the platform there world professional and potential reader have been connected, so just signup on medium ( and start sharing your content to every one make your grow your users as well as business network.? For reference you may check our profile @

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