Are you on Instagram and you are doing good job out there and looking for a professional personal website. Here has introducing Instagram Fans Bundle package.

This Bundle provided by the Collaboration of


instagram infullencer

What does Instagram Fan Bundle contains?

It contains all your online professional business website solutions. In this bundle you will get a professional website with your Instagram feed, about us and contact us form.

  • Free Hosting?
  • Free WordPress website
  • SSL Free
  • Two Business Email
  • And full access of your WordPress site

So in future you can design your self.

What you have to provide us to take bundle?

You have to provide your brand/personal registered domain to us and rest of other things we’ll take care. Not hidden terms and Conditions apply.

What we want as a favor with you once you have this package with you?

  1. We’ll put our brand logo on your website footer.
  2. Second if you share our this package on your social signal is really appreciated, but it is up to you.

If you have any query then please free to contact us any time via mail or call, or on our social signal and i’ll happy to assist you.

Fill out your details below to get this bundle.

Note: Only one thing we are looking you should have good followers or growing followers.