Online Starter Bundle/Package!


Limited Time Offer!

At Just in ? 99/mo * , These things you will get:

Hosting for Domain

Hosting allow your new register domain to become online and handle your website traffic and allow to store your information on web/Cloud securely.

A Business/Professional Email

It will use your domain to promote your business and trust with every email send by you.

A business website

You can use Website builder like WordPress to setup your website pages quickly. To get found on Web means Google, Bing etc.

Business Listing Help/Guide

If don’t have business listing on Google and you don’t have social media signal then it will applicable to you.

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Online Starter Bundle/Package!

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(Now Everyone has right to take business online with ease. So Take Your Business with us with No hustle.)

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This is only for India. So register your domain with anywhere or let us know and we’ll register in behalf of you. Once Registration done then start up bundle will start on work.

At Just in ? 99/mo *

Startup bundle main

Free 24/7 Expert Support through Whatsapp, Skype, Live Chat, Call/Video Call and Email

fruit app for mobile

To Making Online Set up is as easy as A-B-C-D and Go

To Establish an online professional presence is not as hard as you thing and it should not have to hard. What you say.

A:- Done with purchase of domain.

B:- Set up your domain with hosting.

C:- Set up you business website with your business name, Details, Contact Details, Address and Social Media Signal

D:- Set up your email as you want (like: or

Once done then You are live. Share your details to anyone and let web find your business online. As simple as you are eating food. Till you finish your food your online business will ready.