All SEO guys out there, Let Go back years back like in 2012-13 and compare today 2019 SEO strategies.

At that, we used to SEO it is not that difficult and it quite easy to rank compare to 2019. Nine backlink methods that change their method and overviews but still same worth it for SEO.

At a time when I started SEO, I used to do all kind of link submission, (not a spam-like adult) and all so people used to tell this are not niche relevant you have to do niche relevant to rank for a long time.

Some of the example I am mentioning here on which I used to get comment mate don’t build such kind of link it will harm your ranking.

First Link on which I get max feedback is:

MP3 submission: In 2012 we use to call mp3 or audio submission and now in 2019 it is called podcast. And if you can check all latest post those sharing the content on SEO or brand theirs put more weight on podcast an video.

Second Link on which I get max feedback is:
Video Submission: At that time people say don’t use video submission it is not relevant we’ll penalty, Now in 2019 Video submission is the most important part of SEO and brand. Example YouTube and Vimeo, Dailymotion and there are a lot.

Third Link on which I get feedback is:

Doc/Document Submission: People used to say don’t use it is not worth it and Google not give importance and it is very hard to make niche relevance. But in 2019 it comes to a huge brand awareness things. If want to make brand and get user attention you have a nice ppt or pdf and you have present on publically and we are using now Slideshare, issue and many more.

Fourth Links building on which I get max feedback is:
QA Links: in 2012-13 people used to say Question and Answer (QA) is highly spam links we should not build. But in 2019 quora, yahoo answer if you don’t have an account it not make brand awareness and it also helps in SEO.

Fifth Link building:
Image Submission: This is most controversial for me. But in 2019 if you don’t have an account on Instagram, Flikr, Snapchat, pinterest and you are not going to win.

Latter is divided into two part one is infographics and one image.

Six Link building:

Social Booking: we have to very selective with Social Bookmarking and social profile, but in 2019 if you don’t have a social profile and booking with engagement then you are going to lose your brand as well as SEO because Google keeps all factors to rank your sites.

Seven Link Building:
Profile Links: 2012-13 profile link building is good way to get a backlink but latter people start telling that is is not working, But if you have your own website or company brand profile on other profile like GitHub, 500px,, behance, dribbble, product hunt,mix, and there are millions, so what you think that not make any profit.

Eight Link Building:
Link Exchange: 2012-13 it is easy to do but the latter 2014 people used to link exchange will not work and your website will get a penalty. So for that what is blogger reachement people used to say reach to your niche blogger.

Nine Link Building:
PBN Link building: 2013-14 it was working fine then in 2015 suddenly update come that PBN no longer work. So what is paid link, press release? Do people not paying news site to share their story to their website, Still, people doing and that more powerful and working 100%.

There are lot of link building method out there, but I mention here a few to know, Still, old SEO strategies work but in 2019 their name got changes, So if you build Good quality of content link with old theory itself and update your database as per 2019 platform available then you can still win SEO.