SEO ROI and Beginner Guide
Everyone talking about the seo and how to do it but no one is giving the clear picture to do that. without investing money. So here is first time Digital Marketing Edges is giving your free ROI and SEO beginner guide to do that. You might required only $10 buxs to do this experiment or learning by yourself no need any expert or institute.?
?This experiment i named as V-model of SEO because here we are doing blog creation as well as SEO side-by-side. Means each steps of creating a website to do seo it’s not like other Search Engine Optimization (SEO), once you create a website and then wait and you start seo.?
In V-Model SEO you will be creating a blogs and well as you are doing SEO process same times.
If you want to learn by yourself then here you go.
I am giving you the simple steps that will work without much investment. We all know investing the money on initial phase is more painful if you don’t know the worth of that. So stop wasting money on wrong way and do it in right way. now with wasting our time let’s start with fresh.
For all new blogger, small business and webmaster or new comer who want to learn seo here you go.
Mandatory thing that required seo to start.
1. Internet
2. One system
3. Blog/website
4. Keywords
5. Content
6. media files
First you must required Good internet connection to speed up your work else you fed-up and end up soon.
Second you need a good system that able to handle more and more tab of browser in your system as well notepad and excel files.
Third thing is Blog/Website:
Now for all new comer even those have exp for that first you do the ROI for ROI you actually don’t required your personal domain or website. You no need to put the money to buy domain or server to test your skill or for ROI.
Now i am going to tell how to do it ROI or test your skill or how to learn.
First thing there are so may Micro site usually seo guys says web2.0 or blogger platform that have been providing free hosting with the sub-domains. I am going the list some of them that are most popular.
Note: But in this post or here i am going taking only blogspot to do this experiment because it does not required to paid anything to get started to add in Google Search Console.
and there are more and more if you want more then you just type in Google web2.0 list and you will get ton of web2.0 list websites.
But here i am going to talk about Blogger only because easy to add in webmaster and do the seo in other post i will take others.
Now lets start. for those have some knowledge about the seo. Choose your niche or area in which you want to do seo or ROI and for beginner or new comer decide in which area or interest or seo term it’s called niche, do you want to rank a website and for small business those have fresh website and don’t know the keywords and how to do the right seo and which keyword to target.
Check out the below video, how to find keywords and how to create blogspot and how to use Google Search Console:

One your decide with keywords then open Google keyword planner and paste your keywords and download the keyword group and then filter out with their monthly search. Once you done with that then try some free tool to get long tail keywords (means your main keyword with some prefix and suffix) combination using and there are so many tools available for that just type in Google “long tail keyword finder” and you can do that once you done with that then combined all keyword on excel-sheet and remove duplicate.
Now just create a blogspot site.
If you don’t know how to create a blogger site with then follow the below steps that will help to create.
How to create a blogspot/ site?
To create a blogger or blogspot site you need a gmail id, if you have a gmail id then ok else you have to create one to create a gmail id you have to and fill all mandatory field.?
Image result for gmail
Once you created the Gmail id with Google then you just have to hit blogger on google and the first link will be the just hit that link and it will open that. Blogger/Blogspot powered by google so you no need to worry about the hosting and website load management Google will take care all these thing.
blogger home page url
Once you created a blogger then you will get your blogsopt url something like “” once you done to create blogspot then first of fall go under the setting tab that generally available at left site of blogger dashboard. Click on setting tab all you will see the basic setting section under that first your will see the title.
Just Hit the edit button that will help you put your title based on your niche/business/interest/keywords. Just enter the full title including?your niche/business/interest/keywords. For example if you want to do it in Software App Development Company then you may enter the tile “Best?Software App Development Company + Location” if you are targeting specific location.
blogger dashboard details
Then hit on description and enter the short description that not exceed more than 500 char. Description must be combined with your keywords. Like ” Looking for Software and Mobile App Development Company for your business then feel free to contact us at your business name”
Now third there is a section https redirect, by default it was on http only so have to set https redirect by just clicking on drop-down given on that you will see this option in above image.
Now once you done these steps just copy your blogspot url by clicking on view blogs link that available on let top just under your blogspot list. Once you copy then you may got the url something like “”.
Once you copy then just open Google Search Console. If you are new then check out below, how to open an account with Google Search Console.
First Just open, then type?Google Search Console and the first link will be the Google Search console link just hit on that or just hit on and you will get the Google Search Console dashborad and then you have to just click on start now button, in other word seo guys used to say Google Webmaster tools.
Google Search Console Link
Google Search Console Home Page
Once you open that then click on add property and then you got a prompt telling that add site url just enter your site url that just created with blogspot. once you entered then just hit continue button. Once you click on continue then you no need to worry it will automatically get fetched, because it is powered by Google.
You can video to do these steps as well as get an overview of Google Search Console at:

Now Second Steps:
Create the content just try with human written content or if you don’t know how to write then using archive content.
For looking for long term the here is the key how to write content?
First you have to decide title, title must include your keywords for more details you may check my previous post @?
Once you create post, i’ll suggest you to create min 10 post with high searches keywords that you already filtered and save on excel sheet that i mention above.
One more important you should name your media file with same as your keywords related so and don’t forget to enter alt and title of image.
Note: This is only for ROI testing and learning nothing for business.
Once you done with writing the post just copy the post url and Go to Google search console (I suggest you to keep open both tab blogger and search console tabs in your browsers). now once you go under the Google Search Console dash board then choose your blogsport/website property. Once you choose that then you will see so many option available on left side, Now you go to under URL?Inspection section and click on that once you click on that it will highlight the section on top search tab. Now you have to paste you blogspot url (Something like: and hit the enter keyword once you hit enter keyword Google will inspect your url and show the details if it is first time (Check the below image) then it will show URL is not on Google and that section itself it will show View Crawled page and other hand there is option Request Indexing. You just have to click on Request indexing and once you click on that it will take some time around less 30 sec based on internet speed and it will submit to Google search console to prior index (no need to worry this term for new comer).
Google Search Console Dashborad explanation
Once you done then after 10-20 min just copy same url and ope and type your url and search it will be index or you may try with info:yoururl but sometimes recently index url will not shown so i suggest you to do in both way.
Once you done now part of Off page seo and after how many days you start getting results or keywords on you console. It will take min 3 days to show any result but during that you have to build some links.
Now Third and Final Steps:
Now it is time to do some experiment with $10 to get real keywords and traffic source. Now what is that experiment.
If you are new comer then no need to worry about the technology or SEO term else those are belong to SEO they will understand the terms.
Now just go to fiverr. Fiverr is open freelance source where you will get cheaper guys to do your individual operations or task. And just type with GSA blast and before you order just talk to them and clearly told them i need GSA camping run for 3 days and camping should be on these link on first tires (on your main blogspot url) are:
Note: Provide only post url on main blogspot url
1. Wiki links
2. Docs Submission
3. Bookmarking
4. web2.0
5. Web2.0 Profiles
5. Video Submission
6. Business Listing
7. Limited forum links
Then run on 2nd tire link on these above links means once they provide you to report then told then run 3-days camping to above report note that this time don’t use a single blogspot links.
These all will cost you max-max $10 because i already did and for me it cost only $10 and got the good result and still it giving the result. Even i tried with spun content because i need only main keyword so got it through Google Search Console approx more than 3000 keywords and still it giving daily-daily new keywords for stats you ay check below Google analytic report in image.
SEO ROI and Beginner Guide
This my recent ROI site that i did on blogspot in just $10 investment.
For seo guys you will get the main keywords on which you are getting max impression and click that you never get through any other tools even google keyword planner is also not providing the exact data so you finally got a bunch of real keyword with the exact stat on which you are getting max click and on which you are max impression and on which position your website is ranking on particular keywords once you got all stat then it is easy to target SEO even paid marketing through Google Adwords.
Result Updated on 26-02-2019:
Here see the most trusted SEO metric tools result on this V-Model SEO ROI that i did on one of blogspot.
Majestic SEO Tools Result:
seo roi majestic result
MOZ Tools Result:
seo roi moz stat
Still you have any query then feel free to contact us at:?
Or just ping me one my skype my skype id is: vishalraj232 and suggest me what else steps or information you required to add on this post and i’ll also went through this post once and i’ll keep updating this post with essential information and updates.