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How To Creation Website Content:

Website content creation is most important part of your website as per user experience as well as for search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc) visibility or you may say that for search engine ranking. Content is a face for your product, services or your personal things. So whenever you trying to write any content be clear that on what topic you want to write and please do some research and facts and then trying to write that will give you a importance to your content and user. Don’t try to write content that will like dummy or unrelated or without facts it will harm your business as per user experience as well as for search engine.

Content is most important as per Google search algorithm it’s known as Google Panda. So while you start writing the content about your business then try explain the your business motto and core. Keep in mind what are your end user based on that you have to decide content design. For example:

If? you have a business to that have end user is local user that are not much familiar with high knowledge or education (like, local selling good, E-commerce local or cloths etc) that has end users are local that have no much familiar with high end English langue then at that case you have to choose a content writer that able to write a? content in such a way that end user easily can read and understand your business details or your products details instead of writing content in most difficult word in english. If you write content in most generic word or common word then your end user easily be understand your motto or details of your product or business else they don’t understand your business motto or product details and you will loose your end user. Now day so many people do that mistake instead of targeting the end user mind and analysis they start writing the content in such a way that helpful as per search engine but not for end user and that’s why they loose their end user customer as well as the bounce rate of their website has been increase.

Bounce Rate:?Bounce rate is technical term as per Search engine. It mean how many user came to your website and how much time they expending on your site and how many user came to your website and went of in short time without reading your whole content.? So , if you want to reduce you bounce rate of your website then try to write content considering the end user analysis not as per search engine, because search engine not analyse your content as well as they analyse all factor of your website on that Bounce rate is one of most import factor.

If your content is pure concentric toward your end user so user automatically share you content to every one and you will save your lot of time to reach to multiple user and even you will save your money and effort to reach your end user for that.

Conclusion till now:

Main Factor to start writing the content. I am mentioning some important point that should be follow before start writing content:

  • Niche
  • Geographic Location
  • Target End User
  • End User Analysis (As per their Knowledge)
  • Facts

Niche:?Niche is basically relate to your business or personal thing. In other word this is about in which segment or area you want to go and you want to start any business. So if your are new and not getting idea how to decide the niche then be genuine with you and start about yourself means what you have done till now or what you want to do and share your idea with facts and some stats. Or if you have already decide your niche then you may use Google Keyword Planner to find that niche on your Geo-location and get analysis of that data.

Once you open the Google Keyword Planner then Home page will look like that.

Google Keyword Planner

Here is two section:

First:??Find keywords:?Get keyword ideas that can help you reach people interested in your product or service.

Second:??Get search volume and forecasts:?See search volume and other historical metrics for your keywords, as well as forecasts for how they might perform in the future.
So we need right now Find Keyword for that you have click on Find Keywords tab:
Once you click on that tab then it will open one dialogue box like below:
Find Keyword in Google Adwards
Here you have the enter your phrase or niche in which you want to go or you planning to target audience or end users.
Once you enter the keyword, niche, word, phrase then press the GET STARTED?button and once you did that then you will get some details like below image.
keyword planner avg resultHere you will see keyword, Avg Monthly Search and more. Here you can put your target location at left top, you will find location tap you just have to edit select your target location and language then you will get avg user on that location those are using google to find such kind of word phrase or business.

If you are using Google Keyword Planner then you must select your location in which area or Geo-Location you want to target audience then only you got exact stat of end user customer details.

Apart form that you can use Social Media such Facebook to find the end user as well as you may do Google research how many? people are using internet on that location so you will get approx exact end user and their stat and based on that just start writing the content and i hope if you will do all these analysis about niche decision and start writing content you will win the race compare to others.

For Facebook: you just have to create? a Facebook ads select audience target location and Age and you will get avg people with age group that are available on that location.

Note: No need to run paid camping or ads you just find the avg analysis and make an report don’t run ads.

Now for internet user analysis, now you have to find internet user at that location using Google search or any research. For example just type in Google “Internet User at India”

So you will find so many research report on that so you can made report on that and combined all above and these data you will get approx avg people or end user for user content or business.

Note: Be always genuine and write about the truth not write false if you are looking for long term.

Final Conclusion:

First stop doing mistake like putting more keywords on title and meta description and try to put overtime along with long tail keywords. First think about end user and their goal and response, because now Google is analysing google behavior of your user that coming on your website.

Choose title that make user looking for for reference you can check any famous magazines.

Start content that connect with users for example start a conversation like, if I am going to market at time I faced so much traffic so I chose short cut route , did you also face it? If yes then then here i am giving you the short cut to avoid that.

Don’t try over design the content keep it simple to read out provide proper space.

Do sections (sections means divide the content so that user can skip specific part of content and jump to around to hole content for example table contains ) and interlink most relevant your existing content.

Don’t hesitate to link 3rd party blog content or external links like wiki and all.

Try to put QA and pro and corns at the last.

Put conclusion on the bottom of post.

Then asked for user feedback about your content like what you say this is work for you if yes share your opinion with us or share your technique that work for you.

So try this while writing the content and you will get good results because google like good and fresh content that updated recently not outdated.

One more important thing try to keep updating your old post while adding some paragraph.

Try these tips and share your opinion does it work for you or not?

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