Today we talk about why the brand is required? We are a digital marketing agency and we are handling Digital marketing company and we support small business but in recent one month, we faced a lot of problem with Google Ads accounts. And we have 4 accounts got suspended in Google Ads. And all are newly started business and account set up. Max who saw Google ads somewhere, Start your business with Google.

The first account I am going to talk about:

Business Niche: Authorized Mobile Service Provider, They are listed on Official website under support team.

Local mobile repair services, We are running fine with the business till July but in Aug it went under review and got suspended and when we called Google Ads team they told us we don’t support unknown mobile services ads, until unless you don’t have authorization from the company. So we provide the company authorization too even we show on the company website where we are listed as an authorized service provider of the company. Once we provide also then clearly told us sorry sir even you provide we don’t support the promotion of mobile services. And they disapproved the ads and old account they suspended but the letter they re-initiate old adwords account but they are not approving ads.

Note: We almost waste our time of more than 10 days while keep talking with Google AdWords support team to get rid out these things and how to fix it.

The Second case:
Business niche: Authorized Franchise Business Dealer, Listed on Official Website as well as with all Documentation.

We were running franchise campaign it was running fine but again it went under review and suspended, again we called and we got the same answer from Google Ads support team, Sorry sir we don’t support to run these kinds of business, even you have all the documentation with you.

The third Case:
Business Niche: Solar System Installation Service Provider.

We set up with USA customer and they send access to our account to manage AdWords and initial it was running fine and once again it went under review and it got suspended the reason was an unauthorized payment. Again we called Google Ads guys they told us, sorry sir we can’t give any information about this. We told why unauthorized transaction issue, Even our client called they did not provide any information to them also after providing every detail like address proof and billing details proof.

The Fourth Case:
Business Niche: Driving Learning School and Consulting Provider

Now we set up a new Google Ads account for Sweden guys from my location, Because that guy doesn’t have any idea about how to set up, So they told us and provide all credential to log in to their Gmail and do the setup. Once we did it went under review, Again after 3 days we called they told us you setup from Indian IP and transaction happen with Sweden that’s why it when under review, So kindly wait. Now after one day we got a message your account got your account has been suspended, unauthorized payment deducted. We talk with Google support team they told that you can set up from your IP and grand access yourself. If you want to do that then you have to sign up with different IP and form their your grant your access and then do it. So if someone doesn’t know about how to do set up what you going to do it.

Still, we have running our other account that we build the first brand and they start putting some money on paid marketing with all that account there is no issue at tall. It running smoothly with good conversions.

We don’t have control on Google policy they keep changing and it’s their platform they will whatever they want and we can’t do anything on that.

Why I am writing this, my conclusion was, We never know when any third-party platform will change heir rule or privacy policy and your business will not able to full their condition, So till then you are able to full fill their requirement just start building your brand so people direct remember your brand and find out with your brand. If you are not focusing on build this thing then you will lose business in the future. For example supposes you have been depending on Google Ads and not making the brand of your business what will happen if Google Ads stop running your ads, you have to shut down your business. So stop only focusing on paid marketing or Google ads (as I am getting a lot of request on a daily basis for Google Ads) even they started website one month before and one day before, They told I want to sell, And if I told ok why not you just focus on build some brand first before starting your ads. They told us no just we want to run Google ads. So just set up our ads and do keyword research and optimize it. Even we did they are getting max sell because even through ads if people come to your website they check your website and brand presence online first before buy or taking any services to form you.

So first start focusing on providing as much as information you are able to provide about your services or products and build some social media and online presence so people know about your business and try to run ads. And initial stop burning money on Google Ads on all.